23 Must Eat Food at Kuromon Market, Osaka

Kuromon Ichiba Market, one of the must visit place when you are in Osaka. You can basically sample all kinds of food there. From the daily catch to fruit to preserved food. You name it, you got it. 

DSC00012We visited the place 3 times throughout the trip. First time is an adventurous and fun mistake because we went there too early and end up its Sunday and most of the stalls only open after 10am. The story started with…

Debbie and I were playing cards and having our drinks at apartment until God knows what time.. yea.. 6am and we were like OMG its morning already! Lets take a pic of us at this empty road. hahaha! 

IMG-20160214-WA0009Pyjamas + winter coat + middle of the road!

20160214_083343_mr1455410363440So this crazy woman suggested instead of going to bed, we shall go to the market and grab our breakfast… and here we are..

20160214_060721_mr1455409406125 DSC00008_pHello. Good morning Osaka. This is probably the only day we step out of our apartment in the morning!

DSC00006 DSC00010Kuromon Market we decided. The street on the way to the market is all very quiet. 

DSC00033I guess Osaka is very quiet in the morning. There’s literally no shop open except for some 24 hours cafe. Its like a dead town. We can hardly see any cars too!

So Kuromon Market is around 5 mins walk from Namba Station..

DSC00014 DSC00017 DSC00020Hello Kuromon Market… You are so empty! We loitered for around 2 hours and the market is still empty…. 

DSC00011And why is Japan consider the city of vending machines… they have cigarettes vending machine but you need to be a citizen or apply some sort of 18 age and above approval thing to buy. Well, its still interesting. So long story cut short, at the end.. we went back to our apartment and sleep because nothing opens.

The next day, we hunt for Kuromon Market again. This time, another foodie joined us. Kelvin!

DSC00077It was around 12pm and yay! The market is alive!!

At the entrance of Kuromon Market, there’s a pet shop that everyone will fall in love with!

pagePuppies!!! Shiba inus! Omg so cuteee!

Ok back to the topic : We’ve tried a lot of food. Total spending is about 15000 yen per person. HAHAHAHA!!!! Ok, here’s my 23 must eat food list in Kuromon Market:

1. Sashimi

DSC00081Kuromon Market has the best sashimi!! Raw seafood, that should be your number 1 food list to start with

2. Sea Urchin

DSC00092There’s a lot of stall selling sea urchin. I love the one i went to. They open the sea urchin in front of you. And the round one at the bottom, its the horse-dung urchin. You should try that. Sweeter and creamier as compared to the normal ones.

DSC00093 DSC00094 DSC00095 DSC00096Fresh from the shell. Whats better?

3. Oyster

DSC00098Look at the size of the oyster. This is from the same stall as the sea urchin. Yum! Those who are afraid to eat raw oyster, this is absolutely ok for you. No fishy smell!

4. Fatty Tuna

DSC00111 DSC00114 DSC00116There’s this particular stall which sells only tuna. And today’s catch is the Blue Fin Tuna

They basically make full use of the whole tuna. From eye balls to the meat to the jaws

DSC00115Its not cheap at all but its totally worth it. It melts in your mouth. and how do you know weather its fatty? Your hand is like super extremely oily after you hold the fish. Thats y! 

20160220_154908MUST EAT!

5. Kama Toro (Tuna Jaw)

DSC00113This is from the same tuna stall. Kama toro means fatty tuna jaws. Yes. The jaw is full of collagen! 

6. Grilled Seafood (Grilled Scallop, Grilled Prawns, Grilled Crab, Grilled Abalone)

20160220_153120 DSC00022 DSC00078 DSC00079 DSC00082 DSC00087 DSC00110 DSC00117Try at least one each and proudly say you’ve been to Kuromon Market! 

7. Octopus with quail eggs

DSC00101Its not the odinary octopus you had. 

DSC00102There’s a quail egg stuffed in the octopus head!

8. Fugu Fish (Blowfish)

20160220_151202Fugu fish is considered a very poisonous fish. I don’t know about you but i prefer to eat it at some restaurant with well trained chef. However, to me, its quite tasteless. 😀

9. Anglerfish liver

DSC00026Anglerfish is a deep sea fish. The liver is like foie gras. You know what it means right

10. Kobe beef

DSC00086Done with the seafood. Kuromon Market sell a lot of beef too. Wanna try the A5 kobe beef? No problem!

DSC000883000 yen for a stick of A5 kobe beef. Yea its around RM110 for a stick of meat. but you know what? Its kobe! and its A5!

11. Wagyu beef

DSC00019If you don’t want to spend that much for beef. Opt for wagyu beef. They have premium wagyu beef which taste absolutely scrumptious as well.

20160220_151521 20160220_151528We had it at our last day with tracy!

12. Croquette

DSC00089 DSC00090All sorts of croquette from potatoes to meat!

13. Horumon (Beef offal stew)

DSC00121Its actually ox lung. I don’t really like lungs but this is yummy!

DSC00122Topped with their special spices. Forget about the stinky lung smell. They don’t have it!

14. Oden

DSC00029You can basically find oden at any combini (convenient stall) but this one at Kuromon Market is sweeter. 

DSC00118 DSC00120My favourite. The radish! It soaked up all the soup! Just soooooo yums!

15. Soy products

DSC00027There’s a stall selling soy products like tofu, tofu skin, soy doughnuts and a lot more.

DSC00091Oh and.. freshly made soy milk!

16. Perserved pickles

DSC00080 DSC00104Japanese love their pickles. try some! 

17. Sweet potatoes

DSC00099After all the heavy food. You would like something sweet. Sweet potatoes is one of the favourite snacks in Japan

DSC00100Its mashed!

18. Sakura rice ball with persimmon leaf

DSC00106Surprisingly it taste very good. a bit sweet and salty. Quite addictive!

19. Ichigo Daifuku (Green tea strawberry mochi)

DSC00130 DSC00132 DSC00134I don fancy mochi but yea the strawberry is sweet!

20. Strawberries


DSC00023HEHEHE. I know right

21. White strawberries

DSC00024 DSC00025

20160221_111934_mr1456158308195_mh1456158320423This is the must try! Only in Japan!! Its very sweet <3

22. Baby tomatoes

DSC00153 DSC00155This is probably the sweetest tomatoes i’ve ever tried. They have tester tho. 

23. Beer and sake from the vending machine

20160215_143125Yea the world of vending machine. You can even get beer and sake from vending machine!!

20160215_143210Nice mou debbie ho?

DSC00129I hope you enjoy all the food at Kuromon Market!! A cute shiba inu to end this yummy post!

DSC00109Oh yea.. the most expensive water in Japan! Guess how much? 😀