5 Must go places in Guangzhou

I never been to China. Not even once. So when I was told to visit Guangzhou last week, I was overjoyed but I am totally blank too. Have no idea at all where to go. I bet theres people like me too, been searching google and blogs but very very little information about Guangzhou.. So here I am, sum up my short trip which whatever info i have. Guangzhou is divided into areas.. I stayed at BaiLing Hotel (4star, along the river) YueXiu area, which I love so much. YueXiu area and HaiZhu are areas which I would recommend for stay. There are a lot of street shopping. But if you are looking for something high end, stay at Tian He area, high rise buildings with branded shoppings, there you go; 

So back to Guangzhou must go places, oh! for you information, I dint go to the different temples and museums, just a very relax and fun trip this time. Not much tourists visit. hehehe!


1. Beijing Road Shopping Street 北京路步行街 

DSC00019_p DSC00324 DSC09956Beijing Road Shopping Street is somewhat like XiMenDing Shopping Street in Taipei. Shop and bargain wisely, you can really get some good deals there… Spend a whole day exploring and feel the crowd. You will like it 🙂

2. ShangXiaJiu Pedestrian Shopping 上下九步行街

DSC00072_p DSC00121 DSC00124ShangXiaJiu Pedestrian Shopping is similar to Beijing Road Shopping. Its slightly bigger and more things to look around.. But maybe I bought a lot of things in BeiJing Street, I like it there more.. the bargain is better in BeiJing street too.

3. TianHe Shopping District 天河区

DSC00292 DSC00294 DSC00306_pAll the posh posh shopping malls are here.. Things are a lot more expensive here but you do bump into some worth buying ones. Theres another attraction in Tian He District, its called TianHe Sports Center, near the metro to Tian He and the price there is lower. I skipped that because am quite tired that particular day. Kekeke!

4. Canton Tower 广州塔 a.k. a 小蛮腰

DSC00183p DSC00193_pThe must go place so prove that you been to GuangZhou! The Canton Tower.. featuring 37 storeys with the height of 600 m. Oh.. its changes colour every few seconds and I had my boring count down there. Guangzhou don’t do official count down and fireworks! I thought my worst countdown was in Seoul last year but Guangzhou definitely crowned it!

5. Pearl River 珠江河

DSC00150 DSC00159 DSC00378_pOne of the tourist attraction in Guangzhou.. the 2400 meters pearl river. They have night cruise from 7pm to 10pm everyday. Hop on the cruise and enjoy the scene of Guangzhou at night. Lucky for me, I stayed along the river. Cruise for me everyday! hahahaha!

Next up : Must eat in Guangzhou!