A day in Kobe, Hyogo Perfecture

It was the third day in Japan and we’ve already planned to go Kobe for day trip. It was quite easy to go to Kobe from Osaka, if you took JR west with rapid train, it took you less than half an hour. We arrived at the Sannomiya Station in Kobe, the busiest train station in Kobe. Keep our luggage in the coin lockers and here we go, time to explore!

DSC00230And the main purpose to go to Kobe is to try their Kobe beef. Whats better than having kobe beef in Kobe itself right? 

I’ve a full post specially dedicated to the beauty. Our most expensive meal in Japan. The A5 Kobe beef. Click here to read

DSC00174 DSC00189And so after our kobe beef, it was already almost 3pm. We just walked around the area and explore some of their shopping street.

DSC00159 DSC00200 DSC00206I actually like Kobe. Or maybe its because we have only limited time here so we get to enjoy the town. 

DSC00208 DSC00209 DSC00210Nothing much, just enjoy the scenery… and out of sudden, we found ourselves trapped in the UFO machine centre!

DSC00201 DSC00202 DSC00203 DSC00204This is jus so addictive i tell you. I duno how many times we played this throughout the whole Japan week. 

Shopping + Gaming, time past really fast. We jus walked around aimlessly and…. soon decided to explore their department store for…. some… pre-dinner snacks. 

DSC00211 DSC00212 DSC00214Daimaru..! Was amazed by the varieties of food sold.. 

One of the famous traditional sushi wrapped in persimmon leaves.

DSC00215 DSC00217 DSC00218I personally don’t fancy this stuff.

DSC00219Mentaiko! one of my not so love and not so hate ingredient. 

DSC00220We bought a few snacks and realised there’s no sit down table. So end up.. gulping all our snacks at the roadside. Huhuhu! sure look like cave man

DSC00221 DSC00223And the shopping journey continues… 

DSC00224Oh look!! A full body umbrella!! HAHAHA I wanted to buy this but i will look damn epic if I use it in Malaysia! No no!

20160216_173012And it was around 6.30pm when we were all hungry again. Winter makes us hungry all the time. Blame the winter we are not a glutton. No kobe beef this time but we had wagyu beef yakiniku to mark the end of Kobe day trip!

20160216_192901We took a 9pm train to Kyoto after that. In less than 45 minutes, we reach kyoto! Oh, forgot to mention…

20160216_194235It was 4 degree in Kobe! I know, boring post, kobe is too peaceful I have nothing much to share but still want to share something because i actually enjoy the place.