Australia Avalon Air Fare (Part 1)

Anyone like aeroplanes?? or Jet?? or Helicopter?? or wad-so-ever that can fly??! Teehehe!! I m kinda lucky to come over to Melbourne on March.. And also thanks to Mr.Anson la.. if not because of him.. i wont be able to go to so many nice places!! So he told me Avalon Air Fare is here.. 13-15 march 2009. The Air fare is only organized once in every two years.. see!! Lucky me!

He drove me and dennedict to Avalon Airport where the Air show is.. huhu!! i thought it was going to be a sunny day so i wear sleeveless and short pants plus lotsa sunblock.. who knows.. its raining!! *kolien-nyer*

And this is the first time ever in my life that i m shivering so hard when i was walking to the place.. EVen when i m talking to anson and dennedict.. i can feel my lips are shivering.. i thought the st kilda trip will be the worst one.. but i was wrong.. This time really defines the word SHIVERING AND FREEZING COLD. ^^

Don ask me why am i still be able to smile if i said i was freezing cold.. AHYIEN can always smile in front of the camera one hor! *teehehe*

Three of us!! Raining.. freezing.. but still having fun.

LALALA.. its 50 AUD per ticket.. but its worth the price.

TOO BAD i really duno wad plane is wad model and wad is their capabilities and so on.. so if happen to have anyone who knows the model of the plane.. just tell me hor! and i will update it in.. so for now.. Just Picturesss!! Lotsa lotsa pictures… hehe!

FYI… there are many more planes but i dint manage to post up all lah.. very very very very lazy hor.. hehehe!

I can handle a helicopter HOR HOR HOR~! hehe

OKAY liao.. the line here is super super slow.. and i m so so so tired.. hehe.. we shall continue tomolo..

Still got 30 more pictures to go.. *huhuhuh*