Authentic JiangZhe Cuisine : Su Hung Restaurant Taipei 苏杭餐厅

I googled for the best xiao long bao in Taipei, other than Din Tai Feng, Su Hung restaurant’s name appeared. So why not give it a try since we have been to Din Tai Feng for a few times d. 

So the nearest station to Su Hung Restaurant is Shandao Temple Station. Here’s the map. 


20150908_124615From the signboard.. you can probably guessed that the restaurant featured mostly Jiang-Zhe cuisine and Shanghai cuisine. Jiang-Zhe cuisine means the cuisine in the area that covers Jiang-Su and ZheJiang province. But.. not too much of history for now.. lets get back to the food. 

20150908_124850A very simple and clean setting for the restaurant.. 

20150908_124656We were lucky we went early and we got ourselves a table. Normally the waitress would recommend us to make reservation. It was packed while we were eating half way. 

20150908_125138Drunken Chicken 醉鸡 (NTD 240) 

20150908_125238The marination was just spot on. Not too heavy but rich in flavours. Meat was juicy and tender. Everyone loves this.

20150908_125253Shanghai Claypot Vege Rice 上海砂锅菜饭 (NTD 160) One of the traditional cuisine of Shanghai. Very light and fragrant. I personally like this one because the veg adds some crunchiness to the rice. 

20150908_125308Claypot Tofu with crab roe 蟹黄豆腐煲 (NTD 240) Not as creamy as I thought but still yums! The tofu…silky smooth. Somehow the essence of the crab roe penetrated into the tofu and just yum yum yum!

20150908_125429Sponge gourd and prawn xiao long bao 丝瓜虾仁小笼包 (NTD 150)

20150908_125532Compared to the normal pork xiao long bao, this one is more refreshing and light.. Even if you’ve eaten half dozen of them, you still don’t feel anything. Haha!

20150908_125727Dong-po meat. Braised 3 layered pork + Mantou 东坡肉 ( NTD 380 + NTD 60)

20150908_125744The secret of a good dong-po meat. It melts in your mouth. Yes it somehow did. I don’t know how to describe this piece of goodness. It looks fattening, but when it melted in your mouth, its very comfortable. It looks very salty and heavy but when you take a bite on it, its just sync perfectly with the mantou! I bet a bowl of rice will be even more perfect with this.

20150908_125617Last but not least.. this is something rare. There’s not many restaurant or chef who can still manage to prepare this. Its called “Yan-Du-Xian” 砂鍋醃篤鮮. (NTD 380)

20150908_125558Its actually means braised pork, bacon, ham, bamboo shoots, tofu, and green vegetables in a claypot. Sounds easy but it is not. All the ingredients are slow cooked in the claypot until the soup turned white. The soup is very flavourful, the best of all the bacon ham pork and vegetables makes it sweet and creamy to be consumed. I love it! 

20150908_125803So this is our sinful lunch of the day! Very much happy with that.

20150908_124729Not only that, the price is reasonable. 

20150908_131405The restaurant served us green bean and barley soup as dessert before we left. Very good service. Good price, good quality of food and good environment and so = Happy Tummy!



Address : No.2-1, Section 1, Jinan Rd, ZhongZheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan

Tel : +88622393186

Webbie :

Operating hours : 11.30am – 2.00pm, 5.30pm – 9.00pm