Best Breakfast in Lawas — Sheng Ling Cafe & Restaurant

LAWAS, a small town located somewhere between Brunei Darussalam and Sabah is where my mama from. I bet not much people know about this place. I’ll try my best to like somehow introduce the place bits by bits.

DSC05321So generally, breakfast in Lawas are mostly dry noodles, fried noodles, bread, eggs, laksa and nasi lemak as such. Every coffee shop you went in serve almost the same thing except this one. Which, i consider it is the best breakfast place in Lawas. Definitely not the traditional old school type but they have the basics and the refined ones. 

DSC05320Sheng Ling Cafe & Restaurant. One thing good about Lawas is… you can just ask anyone about the location and they will show you. 

DSC05323The hearty breakfast drinks — Hot Teh C (Hot tea with milk & sugar) & Hot Coffee

DSC05875The Basics — Dry Noodle with sliced pork

DSC05877I’ve tried three different coffee shop selling dry noodles but i still think ShengLing holds the best. Why say so? Its the Lard. LARD! One dont simply say NO to lard, especially for noodles. Its very aromatic, the texture of the noodle is silky smooth. Although there’s lard, the noodle is still very light, not too greasy. Sliced pork wise, the sliced pork is braised till tender and it locked all the greatness of the flavours in the meat. Every mouth is happiness. A perfect breakfast bowl. 

DSC05333The Fried Kuey Tiao. (Fried Rice Noodles) Lawas version of Kuey Tiao is slightly different. It is thicker. 

DSC05334Fried Kuey Tiao is good as well. Along with the aroma of the charcoal from the wok. For those who love big fat Kuey Tiao. This is your breakfast.

DSC05336Semi Dry Chao Chai Hungan. A traditional breakfast of the Foochows. 

DSC05338In Kuching, we have Hungan Soup, Dry Hungan but here, its semi dry hungan. Hahaha! I like the taste of it because they are being generous in the wine and oh look… Oysters! A twist.

DSC05326One of my favourite — Fried Glass Noodles with local wine.

DSC05331Love this to bits. It may look very simple and not too appetizing but it is very flavourful. Just even before you eat, the aroma conquer your nose first. The first bite is very light, together with the sweetness from the wine and along side, you find yourself keep eating this. It is a savoury dish of coz, just with a lil bit of tingling sweetness. 

DSC05341Tom Yam Vermicelli. We were quite shocked when it was served. We were expecting like a bowl of tom yam vermicelli soup?

DSC05345Its Fried Tom Yam Vermicelli instead. Something different. Its exactly what you are thinking. Fried Vermicelli with tom yam taste. Spicy, sourish.. if thats your thing, you are so gonna love this.

DSC05878Fried Money Chai Vermicelli with Sambal/Spicy Paste.

DSC05884Not exactly the sambal kinda of thing. More like a balance between sambal and tom yam. The prawn paste is not too overpowering but instead, it gives you the sourish taste from the tom yam. Quite a good combination tho.

ShengLing is by far the only coffee shop serving the more innovative breakfast. Go for something new, try out ShengLing Cafe!