Best Supper in Japan : Teppanyaki

We had been loitering in Gion every night since we reached Kyoto. I guess Gion is the only place that opens till late night in Kyoto. So the first night after we settled ourselves in the apartment, Tracy suggested that we should go to Kamogawa River for supper, short form known as kamo river, it is supposed to be rows and rows of restaurant located along the kamo river which is suppose to be very pretty. 

DSC00233We took cab and go all the way spending around 3000 yen to find that the restaurants along kamo river are all closed. We then just explore around the red light district beside (which is the one place alive) and we came across this Teppanyaki shop. 

Teppanyaki sounds perfect for supper isn’t it? YES!! Its a very very small shop which consist only a bar counter and 2 small tables… But wow the food does looks good!

DSC00234Spot the epic menu! HHAHAHAHAHHA!

20160217_001402Ok.. do u want a plate of (16) it is beef rose roasting and a plate of (12) Fried chicken of what the art? HAHAHA!!!!!

DSC00235First up is my utmost favourite snacks : Grilled chicken cartilage! It means the chicken soft bone! A lot of people do not know how to eat soft bone but it is my favourite dish! The meat attached is very soft and salty but the bone itself is crunchy. yums! Never get tired of it! In Japanese, they called it “Nankotsu”

DSC00237Grilled chicken gizzard with pepper. I like my snacks salty. Its not to hard but  more to the crunchy side again. nice!

DSC00238Grilled garlic.. Yup, my order again. Garlic is one of my love too. The grilled one is better because the texture is like mashed potatoes and there is not much garlic taste after grilled. Yums!

DSC00239Grilled bell peppers and butter. Sounds sinful and yummy right. I like it without the dried tuna flakes. 

DSC00241Beef with enoki mushroom. We ordered 3 portion of this. Hahahaha! Its nothing special but the combination of enoki mushroom and beef is just too addictive!

DSC00242Fried Udon with pork. The fried udon is very flavourful. Not too salty and the noodles still remain very “springy” but we can hardly find the pork. =(

DSC00245Squid Kimuchi. Kimuchi means sweet kimchi. So sweet kimchi + squid

DSC00247Baked assorted mushrooms. Love this! I think one of the reason is because we had been eating like meat and meat and meat everyday and when we saw vegs… Just cant help it!

DSC00250Grilled ox tongue with salt.. One of my orders as well. It turned out so much better than expected. 

DSC00252Kel wanted to order something weird.. so one plate of chicken peach grilled with salt please. We had no idea what is that until it came.. basically some chicken tender stir fry in some special sauce and served with mayo. I kinda like it too!

DSC00249And last is fried fish? fried chicken? Or maybe its Fried chicken of what the art. We cant even figure out what the dish is after we finish it. The magic of….. the meat. Oh, we ordered because someone at the counter ordered it and its not the normal karaage (fried chicken). So… we still don’t know.

So this is what always happen during supper time. I think supper over the next few days in kyoto and osaka is the heaviest meal among lunch and dinner. But tummy is happy!

20160216_234333Wash down all the goodiness with our fresh brewed Asahi! 😀

Good night with fat tummy!