Busan : Trick Eye Museum, Gukje Market, Bupyeong Kkangtong Night Market, Christmas Deco in Busan

I lost the photos of Haeundae market and also where I stayed because of the break ins. Sad because you guys should really try out the market there. However, I still can show you the delicious Jajangmyeon and sweet sour pork near Haeundae Market, precisely in front of the place I stayed. 

So this is the photo of the Jajangmyeon that me and my brother would crave for no matter how full we are. From le brother’s instagram.

Screenshot_2015-11-12-21-34-04_resizedDone with Haeundae.. Now we went further up.. After our morning at Jagalchi Fish Market, we proceed to Trick Eye Museum, It was so cool back then where Trick Eye Museum is still very new and exciting but now when I posted this up. It doesnt excite me anymore. And one of the reason also because most of the funny photos are inside the cpu that got stolen. Sien.

IMG_5246I’ll just compile a few photos. 🙂 But it’s a fun activity for family friends and your love ones.

IMG_5229-vert IMG_5247-tile pageWe spend around 2 hours and we are good to go. With the help of the map, we went to the nearest market which surprisingly is one of the famous market in Busan.. The Gukje Market. 

IMG_5249 IMG_5251 IMG_5256_pIt is a huge place with a lot of vendors selling food and some accesories. 

IMG_5260First stop is the korean okonomiyaki. Its a thinner version of Japanese Okonomiyaki but a thicker version of korean pajeon (korean pancake). 

IMG_5261Sizzling okonomiyaki is definitely good in attracting the crowd. 

IMG_5263Topped with sweet sauce and mayonnaise, some seaweed powder and you are good to go. 

IMG_5265 IMG_5266Yums! Just like the locals, everyone just stand beside the stall and finish the food.

IMG_5268BBQ pork stick. Sweet and Tender. 

IMG_5273Mama love ice cream.. so basically you will see ice cream in most of my travel post. 

Not only that, there’s a Bupyeong Kkangtong Night Market just around the corner. We were glad its still early and we were able to explore more..

IMG_5276 IMG_5278 IMG_5279Such beautiful places… when we were exploring.. this specific stall caught our attention..

IMG_5280THE QUEUE… it was so long. I have no idea what was that but as long as there’s queue for food. You will see me standing there. 

IMG_5281Even though I am so near, I couldn’t figure out what was that.. most of the korean snack look alike and its very hard for me to identify it..

IMG_5285Ohh… its Hotteok! Korean Sweet Pancake! And this is definitely worth the queue! I should have bought two!!! Too late!

IMG_5287 IMG_5290We passed by an alley and just randomly pick a stall to try.

IMG_5289Red bean porridge.. unlike the porridge we malaysian normally have. Its more like a dessert porridge. Slightly sweet with some rice cake..

IMG_5293I literally fall in love with rice cake when I’m in Korea. Hahaha! Even the anti-porridge brother somehow like it too!

IMG_5306Chestnut. Nothing special. Still as lovely as always. 

Went for a walk around the area and… the decoration for christmas is merely impressive. Lovely! 

IMG_5294 IMG_5297 IMG_5307And this giant dog is like a star! SWAG! 

IMG_5299 IMG_5304Look how big is the size! 

IMG_5302Papa wanted to take a photo but shy to go near giant dog. 

Before we bid goodbye to this beautiful place.. another queue caught my attention. Hahahaha! As always!!

IMG_5312Queued for nearly an hour for this honeycomb ice cream..

IMG_5316 IMG_5320as usual.. they have the whole honeycomb “hive” inside the shop. Photos? Of coz got.. there are in the missing desktop fml. 



Screenshot_2015-11-12-21-48-25_resizedAnyway.. some blur picture i can find.

Not so complete post for Busan Trip but if you wanted to know more.. feel free to email me. 🙂



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