Dim Sum @ Jumbo Floating Restaurant, Hong Kong 珍寶海鮮舫

Remember the famous movie from Stephen Chow : The God of Cookery that took scene at this magnificent Jumbo Kingdom. One of the iconic building in Hong Kong. Jumbo floating restaurant is located at Sham Wan Pier. 

DSC01158How to go to Jumbo Floating Restaurant : Go to MRT Central Station. Exit A, then take bus 70 from the Exchange Square Bus Terminus.

DSC01152As for us, we just use cab. Easy. Hahahaha! So the cab drop us directly in front of the pier.

DSC01156There’s a free shuttle boat to the Jumbo Kingdom. But make sure you ask or you see properly. There’s another boat around that collects money. Its operated by some private boatman or something like that and they are quite rude. Just use the complimentary boat will do! 

So finally Jumbo! 

DSC01160 DSC01162There are a few restaurant there. Choose whichever you like. We went for breakfast dim sum so 3rd floor if not mistaken.

DSC01164 DSC01171 DSC01183The hall is very big. Not too many people at this hour but reservation is quite full. Luckily the place is big enough so there are still rooms for non reservation customers.

DSC01167 DSC01168 DSC01169Not much choices to choose from to be honest. Well, i think the main point is to experience eating at the floating restaurant.

DSC01176-tileClockwise : Shanghai Soup Dumplings, Baked Barbeque Pork Bun, Drunken chicken with yellow wine, baked shrimp and smoked duck meat puff, roasted pork neck, Jumbo shrimp dumplings.

20151231_114545 DSC01175We were glad we din’t order much because the food is just mediocre.

But what caught our attention is the costume thing in front of the restaurant hall. Price is reasonable and since we never tried dynasty costume, why not?

DSC01173 DSC0117420151231_122613_mr1451562355459_pOh I’m a princess from whatever dynasty. *kekeke* bow!

20151231_122412-tileWe had fun there and everyone is like looking at us posing and taking photos non stop. What I like about the guy serving us is, he help us took lotsa photos using our own camera and phone. Oh.. he even allow keren to put on some kids’ costume!

20151231_123052-tileDo you like keren in a female costume or the male one? So cute right!!

20151231_123000_pNiang Niang~ why you torture me…. #cry #slave

20151231_122741_mr1451539493118But once I take picture with the restaurant background, I look like a waitress instead. hahaha! 

DSC01190 DSC01196 DSC01197 DSC01204We had so much fun there before we call it a day for the Jumbo visit. Wanted to take some nice photos but the whole floating restaurant is under renovation so it doesn’t look nice at all. 

DSC01219The fortune ball? 

DSC01208And a lot of rich people parking their yacht alongside.

DSC01221Bye Bye Jumbo. Your food is a no no but at least you gave us lotsa fun!

DSC01226We randomly took a bus to town.. Such a long journey before we reach Central… Next up will show you the Must Eat in Central! Stay tuneeeeee!