FOOD i had in KL

Oh.. should i say i have tooo many pictures to post and too many outstanding post to update? huhuhu! i think i will just make it short and show u all the nice nice food altogether lah…!

U can see every table had this.. The famous Lou xu fan at china town i suppose…!

Char Xiu Noodles!! i love the char xiu!!

Fried Tofu-skin.. don really quite fancy fried stuff coz its night time oledi when we had this.

Stir fried intestine.. omg!! its really crispy and the aroma of the fried garlic is jus soooooo irresitable!!

Dumplings! Originally they ordered the fried but it turn out not. Nice wad! hehe

Had Beard Papa’s at Pavilion for snacks!


Hikaru bought me mash potatoes from Popeyes! something different from other fast food store.

Went to a famous Bak Kut Teh place at Cheras

Had Bak Kut Teh with Kelson n Hik after Kelson’s gym…

HHAHAHA! Gym is wasted!

Kenneth n Mei Xin bought me Durian pancake at Midvalley..

Durian lovers put up ur hands!!

I saw bao’s hand!

Kenneth and Mei xin bought Krispy Kreme for Dar too!

so nice of them!

Went to 100 Yen for ice!

Oh.. this one is peanut butter flavored.. and yes.. u dint hear me wrongly. Only Kuching’s 100 Yen doesnt sell ice i suppose. hahaha

Went to AH sang Bak kut Teh for Bak kut Teh again!

Wad can i say?? Bak kut teh me love!!!

Mei xin and i!!

Dar bought San Francisco coffee! they are having a promo buy one free one

as usual.. i cant finish it..

so dar have to drink 1 and the half cup of that! *nyek*

Hikaru brought me for dinner after his work coz i kena FFK by someone. *hmpf*

Nice place with pretty girl singing live band.

HOHO! duno take pic of me or the girl behind hor. *huhu*

My extremely tasty brown sauce chicken chop!! The brown sauce is perfect!!

Chicken chop with ham cheese! a lil bit spicy coz theres lotsa chillli flakes on top..

Went to OneU.. Din get myself anything there though.. =(

Had churos for snacks.. hmm.. not very nice..!

But lucky theres banana prata to stack on!! *yums* i love banana!!

Went to Shaw Parade at Pudu, KL for the exotic food!!

Initially wanted to try the Coconut steamed chicken (Ye Zi Dan Gai) but its sold out!!!! *HUHUHUHU! so we had Herbal chicken. Awesome still!

Curry Wild Boar *i love this one.. so tasty*

Went shopping alone at Pavilion..

Love this dress!! isnt it lovely? but i dint buy it coz i duno when am i going to wear this. =(

Long Dress! kekekeke! Of coz i din buy it as well. the ones i bought will not b posted up here! hahaha

Went to Dome while waiting for my shopping mate who is late for some important stuff.

Hmm.. somehow i prefer Starbucks still.

CAmwhore camwhore and continue my shopping!!

Last day in KL..

Had lunch with Kelson and Hikaru.. Kelson is always on his way to GYM….!

Squuuezing lemon!!

NAh.. this is the dessert we had.. its called “MAN TAO XUET” in cantonese. i duno why is it called so.

We had this very nice “YU TAO MAI FAN”.. its located at a place Taman Muda. i think i spell it correctly lah

FUll of satisfaction before i poooof back to KCH! *nyek*