Guangzhou Street Food (Beijing Road) 广州北京路小吃

A good friend of mine Thanis mentioned he will be going to Guangzhou this few months and it suddenly hit me on the face… OMG, I have a lot of overdue Guangzhou food posts! And here I am, digging out my Guangzhou photos like more than 1 year ago and to share with you guys out there! (29/12/14 – 02/01/15)

DSC09897_pI considered myself very lucky in Guangzhou as compared to others. I’ve heard a lot of advise from people before I go to China and this Guangzhou trip is definitely my virgin China trip! As you know, common things like… people there are very very rude, they spit everywhere, they cut queue, overall, China is very dangerous….! These were all the negative comments I heard before departing. However, lucky for me, I had a very pleasant trip in Guangzhou. People I met, people I talked to, people I ask direction for, people I bargain during my shopping spree, they are all exceptional friendly and helpful!! That’s totally unpredictable. Everyone I encountered was very nice and polite (except when you are snatching for taxis) FYI, there’s a funny incident where I stand by the roadside trying to queue for the taxi. I politely asked the lady in front of me if this is the taxi stand and she replied me in a astonishing way like.. oh.. you must be a tourist, there is no queuing up for taxi, you have to snatch your own taxi! OK!! Thank you!! I managed to snatch a few tho. Hoho!

But not to say none, I encountered a very unhygienic man spiting when we were exploring the mall in the city area. I guess all the kind and polite people stay near the Beijing road or Shangxiajiu pedestrian street area because I spent most of my time there. 

So today I am going to share some street food I had at Beijing road, aka a very popular shopping street and it is very near the place I stayed. Blessed! 

DSC09920 DSC09921 DSC09928 DSC09929It gets merrier when the sun goes down. You can see all the vendors start to operate during the evening time. I personally love this area because I love to explore and shop around shopping street or night market as compared to the malls. 

DSC00324 DSC00328_p DSC00329Oh look, they even have a spectacular display of the road and stone material used in the Qing, Sung or Tang dynasty. 

From street food to restaurants. They’ve got all. 

One of the common street food in Guangzhou will be the beef offals stew. They are like everywhere in Guangzhou!! 

DSC00337 DSC00338 DSC00339Things you are afraid to get in a offals stew is the nasty smell of the intestines. Well, I’m glad all the offals are washed and cooked properly. No nasty taste, only tasty one! I specially love the beef balls and the beef tendons. So juicy and tender!

Sweet Potatoes! It can be easily find along the street as well.

DSC00442 DSC00443 DSC00447_p DSC00448Not only sweet potatoes, they have roasted chestnut as well. My favourite kinda snacks. One touching thing is that, the vendor actually gave us extra chestnut because I am cute. Hahahha! Nah just kidding! Probably because we are tourist or something like that!

Double layered milk pudding is one of the must try dessert in Guangzhou. I selected the one with the longest queue…

DSC00431_p DSC00432 DSC00433Not too bad but if you do not like milk, you won’t like it. The milk and eggs smell is very strong but theres no problem for milk lover like me!

Came across a very small stalls selling seafood. They have a very wide selection of seafood. Choose anything you like!

DSC09958 DSC09959 DSC09962 DSC09964We were curious about this one! Yes…. I never tried anything like this before and so, it will be my first order!

DSC09965 DSC09972Pan grilled in butter. Oh my, everything in butter will taste heavenly

DSC09971 DSC09975I would say there is a lot of flesh in this lobster crab kinda thing. Meat is very juicy and al dente. With a layered of butter crisp. Yums! 

DSC09960 DSC09966We had sea snails and prawns as well. Not the best but not too bad too!

DSC09968Shark fin and scallop skin soup is ok. I should add more black vinegar in it. 

DSC09980Now, this is recommended by the very friendly lady boss. Sprite with lemon and sour plum. Its extremely refreshing even under the cold days like this. I guess after all the heavy flavoured seafood, something refreshing always help!

And what’s Guangzhou without dim sum and wanton noodles! All the Cantonese food!

DSC09943 DSC09944 DSC09945 DSC09954I personally recommend this shop because 1.) they have all types of cheong fan 2.) the queue is damn scary long.

DSC09947I am not a cheong fan person but cheong fan here definitely caught my heart. The flour layers are so thin, fillings are marinated well, the soy sauce is just nice and flavourful. Perfect combination. Just look at the oily silky cheong fan!

DSC09953And my favourite goes to…. the pork liver cheong fan!!!!

Of coz, if you do not like pork liver, they have tonnes for you to choose from.

DSC09951Fresh prawns cheong fan

DSC09948Dried prawns cheong fan

DSC09952Beef and pork cheong fan!

And for noodles, there’s only one which I think its absolutely mind blowing. Its called “Di Yi Mian” or to translate as “Number 1 noodles”

DSC09916A simple wanton noodles beat everything.

DSC09902 DSC09904 DSC09907You want something more than a common wanton? Get a crab roe wanton noodles!!! 

DSC09914_pThe soup is so sweet and flavourful that you basically do not need any condiments. I came here like more than 3 days throughout the 4 days in Guangzhou. Epic right!

DSC09910I tried to order something different, a pork leg noodles but oh well, forget about it, just get the wanton! 

Another noodle place is located at the entrance of the Beijing road. Not as impressive but they have more choices. If you can’t find the “no.1 noodles”, you can always try out this.


DSC00002Dried flat noodles with shredded pork

DSC09985Wanton noodles.. hmmm! that’s alright..

DSC09987 DSC09990 DSC09998_pAnd my ultimate beef combi noodles. Look at the size of the noodles!!! Add a splash of black vinegar and hot chilli oil and its good to go!

DSC09993What I love about Guangzhou, they have magic beef balls! There are still lotsa juices in the balls man!

And lastly, I would like to share some main dishes and dim sum I’ve tried which is really good.. Discovered the shop by accident and it din’t disappoint me. Service is good as well and this is a restaurant where you can have your own table and enjoy your food slowly.


DSC00392 DSC00393Tea!!! They served us tea in a much traditional way. Just the way I like it

DSC00397Roasted goose. I prefer goose over duck because somehow I think the goose is more tender and the texture is lighter. 

DSC00402Water boiled beef. I love spicy stuff. Water boiled beef is basically beef slices soaked in a layer of chilli oil with a lot of other spices. It is commonly served with either beef slices or fish slices.

DSC00417 DSC00425Steamed oysters with minced garlic. 

DSC00421_pLook at the size of the oysters! 

DSC00403Pan fried meat buns! The fillings for this is meat and chives! Simple yet delish!

DSC00399Lastly we have stir fry eggs with chives and baby clams. Something that will keep you eating because the eggs itself is so fluffy yet so creamy in texture. The chives and the freshness of the clam add more flavours to the eggs and hence, you will just keep eating it.

So what did i do after my meal, before my meal or in between my meals while waiting for digestion? I went shopping! Shopping is crazy in Guangzhou. They offered like a 90% discount or even 95% sometimes. Holy mama!! The least they will also have like a 50% discount. I bought so many stuff that I have a buy a new luggage back. So cheap! Just so cheap! Totally compatible to Bangkok shopping spree!!

DSC00034_p DSC00332 DSC00334 DSC00335 DSC00440_p DSC09918 DSC09919 DSC09955 DSC09981Some extra pictures for you! XOXO!



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    Glad you enjoyed Guangzhou. Nothing to be scared of here, one of the greatest cities in the world. Next time go to Liwan to explore more local cuisine, or send us and email and we can show you around.

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