Hong Kong Desserts : 佳佳甜品 VS 明记甜品

Tong Sui (sweet soup) 糖水 aka desserts is very popular in Hong Kong. With the high demand of tong sui cravings in Hong Kong, more and more shops have come out with more innovative and creative desserts menu. However, I’ll stick to the traditional ones. There’s two dessert shop that i visited a few times throughout my trip. “jia jia” sweet soup 佳佳甜品 and “Ming ji” sweet soup. 明记甜品

佳佳甜品 “Jia Jia” dessert

DSC00264This one is the one i’ve been searching up and down for. Too popular in the net and they have the highest rating in all the website and open rice, trip advisor and so on.

DSC00260They have been featured in the Michelin Guide 2016 and therefore, the owner of the shop increase their rental by 120% from HKD100,000 to HKD 220,000. Because of this, they decided to move to another shop which is just located few streets behind. Don’t worry if you cant find them when you are in Hong Kong, just ask around and I am sure you can find it.

DSC00263One of the best seller of the shop is the walnut sweet soup 核桃露. I love the thick grated walnut soup. Basically its like you are drinking a melted walnut. So pure, so fragrant!

DSC00262Barley bean curd sago soup with ginkgo and a hard boiled egg! Hong Kong style 薏米腐竹白果汤! I started to love adding hard boiled eggs in my dessert! You will be surprised eggs act well in sweet soup too. I specially love this dessert because its very light. Not too sweet but yet milky and soothing! 

DSC00381Almond milk. 杏仁露。Not a big fans of almond milk but this one is nice. They dont have those weird perfume taste… or maybe its served warm. I kinda like it tho. I finished the whole bowl. *feellikeoldwoman

DSC00377Sweet potato soup with ginger. 浓姜番薯糖水。Perfect for winter day. The ginger is so strong it basically just warm your body with just the first sip! 

DSC00379Another must try is the black sesame dessert 芝麻糊. They are the most popular one because they use fresh sesame seed. Like the money back guarantee those kinda dessert. Not my favourite because I just don like sesame. Hahaha!

In conclusion, I know why it is featured in the Michelin Guide 2016! Definitely something that you want to try when you are in Hong Kong. Not to worry. They open until 4am 🙂

明记甜品 “Ming Ji” dessert

DSC00521On the other hand, I’ve never really read any articles about this dessert shop. We stumbled upon it when we were exploring temple street. Stopped by, tried and love it! Its just a humble dessert shop with a lot a lot a lot of customer.

DSC00048 DSC00049Here’s the menu!

DSC00047Red Bean and Ginkgo soup. 红豆白果汤 Warm and hearty.

DSC00051I ordered yam and coconut milk dessert with egg 香芋西米露加蛋 ! YES my latest love. Dessert with egg.

DSC00052The dessert is a lil bit too heavy for me. But the egg? just perfect! yums!

DSC00523Honeydew sago dessert. 蜜瓜西米露。 Yea it taste like how it looks

DSC00526Water chestnut egg drop soup. 蛋花马蹄露 A lil sweet for me but still yums!

DSC00527Red bean soup with tofu fah. 红豆拼豆花 Mama’s favourite!

DSC00530Green bean soup with tofu fah and kelp. 海带绿豆沙拼豆花 Something special but it works well 🙂

DSC00522Something special. Tangyuan with sugar flakes! 古法糖不甩

DSC00531_pWhich one is better? I think dessert are all good in Hong Kong. Of coz, there’s a reason why Jia Jia is featured in  Michelin Guide 🙂 Oh, they are located quite near to each other too! 

Map as Below :