Hong Kong : Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀, Symphony of Lights at Victoria Harbour 维多利亚港的幻彩詠香江, Shopping at Tsim Sha Tsui 逛尖沙咀海港城, Mongkok traditional market 旺角老市场

Good Morning Hong Kong!! This time round, we are going to wake up early and explore the traditional market at Mongkok~ Its not that interesting but well, I visited all the markets when I was out travelling so this is just a norm. Some random pictures to ease your curiosity

DSC00945 DSC00967 DSC00971 DSC00973 DSC00974 DSC00975 DSC00976 DSC00984Nothing much except that their vegetables are all so neat and beautiful in shape and they have chap cheong (腊肠)aka preserved chinese sausages, preserved pork and preserved chicken and duck all over the market. I guess Hong Kong people love their preserved items!

Move on next to the popular Tsim Sha Tsui area. Tsim Sha Tsui aka TST is a paradise for shoppers. Bags and most of the branded stuff in Hong Kong are all duty free!! So yea, shoppers.. stay at TST for shopping conveniences. 

DSC01128 DSC01132 DSC01136 DSC01148 DSC01150

DSC01126_pThe most popular shopping mall will be Harbour city (海港城)where you can find all sorts of branded stuff.  I wanted to shop too.. but next time maybe.

We proceed to the TST promenade at Victoria bay (维多利亚港) This place is one of the must visit in Hong Kong. Avenue of stars (星光大道)is closed temporary for renovation until 2018 but they have a temporary site at the HongKong art center near TST east. 

DSC00986 DSC00987 DSC00990 DSC01060 DSC01061 DSC01068As you all know, I like to loiter at places like that. So beautiful and packed with people…

DSC01008 DSC01072 DSC01124Do come before 8pm because they have the Symphony of light (幻彩詠香江)everyday at 8pm. A lot of people visited to enjoy the few minutes show. 

DSC01030 DSC01041 DSC01056 DSC01090 DSC01095 DSC01104 DSC01119Not too impressive but its beautiful.

DSC00992 DSC01030 DSC01078What catch our attention is the Hong Kong Junk. Hong Kong Junk which is also known as “Duk Ling” (鴨靈號)represent the old traditional values that are still so ever present in this cosmopolitan city. You can take a ride and cruise around. It costs around RM200 for a 45 minutes ride.

DSC01089 DSC01100If you like something more exotic.. go for the pirate ship! The Aqua Luna ship (张保仔)! Woots! I just finished watching the HK drama about Aqua Luna stories and wow! So excited! It costs around RM 170 for a 45 minutes cruise with drinks on broad.

DSC01070_p DSC01083_pFor me, I’ll just enjoy my time at the beautiful harbour 😀

Oh ya something I wanted to share.. I had this very delicious dish by accident when I was on my way back to the hotel.

DSC01144Something call.. “Go Kiu Mai Xin” or direct translation to “Over bridge Vermicelli” (过桥米线). This is so good…

DSC01142You can choose your ingredients but basically it consist of ham, pork, beef balls, fish balls. pig blood, preserved vegetables, bean sprouts and sausages. Its not too salty. It has a very very very mild spices, its sweet.. it tasted like the broth got a lot of chicken pork and beef essences in it. U know what I mean?? It taste like a pot of goodness!

DSC01145I found it at this restaurant. Yums! Apart from the awesome congee in HK. I think this is the second reason I’ll come back for!

DSC01138 DSC01139Things in 711 is quite expensive. Le bro like this dry instant noodles with some side dish and siu mai. Ok siu mai is quite nice lar.