HongKong : The Peak, Sang Kee Congee House, Explore Causeway Bay, Sang Kei Cart Noodles 香港必游:山顶,生记粥面,铜锣湾,新记车仔面

One of the Hong Kong most iconic place — The Peak (山顶), or some Victoria Peak. You can see it appears in most of the Hong Kong movies or drama and its certainly a top list to visit while you are in Hong Kong.

DSC00287_pso… GOOOD MORNING!!!

We started our day with an awesome breakfast at Sang Kee Congee House (生记粥品专家) at Yau Ma Tei. This is one of the recommended local breakfast eatery place. 

DSC00286Mama say breakfast is very important.. so we feast. 😀

Menu attached:

DSC00268 DSC00269

DSC00277We ordered century egg (皮蛋) as side..

DSC00274Some fried Chinese doughnuts (油条) to eat with the congee

DSC00275And all time favourite branched vegetables (菜心) with oyster sauce..

And for myself, I ordered a double-combi porridge (双拼粥): Fresh fish and mixed pork congee! (鱼腩及第粥)

DSC00280 DSC00282Congee is silky smooth.. the fish is a bomb. So fresh and so tender, when the fish is fresh you know the standard of the food here is high too. They are generous with the portion and of coz the mixed pork are overloaded too. I think I can share this pot bowl of congee with 3 people… Trying so hard to finish it even though it is so awesomely delicious..

DSC00276and the spring onions, ginger and sesame oil and black vinegar, perfect blend with the congee! thumbs up!

20151226_122330I might revisit Hong Kong just for the congee! so much love!

Mama had the triple-combi (三拼粥) : Pig’s liver, beef and chicken congee (猪润牛肉鸡粥)

DSC00283As usual, the portion is shockingly huge!! As for flavour wise, I think mine is better, maybe because mixed pork had a stronger flavour than the chicken. And for your knowledge, you can order half portion the small size one. We only knew it when someone beside us ordered the small one. Hahaha!

DSC00279Papa had his fresh fish ball noodles (鲮鱼球汤面). This particular fish is very famous in Hong Kong dishes. Its called Ling Yu (鲮鱼)in Mandarin and the scientific name of it — Cirrhinus molitorella. Ahhh! Who cares. It has a very compact texture than other type of fishes. More flavourful and more filling. 

DSC00272Le bro had beef tendon dry noodles(牛腩捞面). Beef tendons is always so lovable in Hong Kong. They are braised until soft. Beef soup had a very strong aromatic flavour and the dry noodles, not to mushy. Yums! I like my noodles hard. How about youuu!

20151226_121855So we finished our breakfast with a 200% full tummy!! And I can never understand what the bill says! HAHA

How to go to The Peak : Instead of taking “The Peak Tram”, another easier way is to use the city bus. Go to the MRT Admiralty Station, Exit B outside the lippo center, turn right, walk to the bus stop and wait for Bus 15. It will take you directly to the Peak. 

DSC00295 DSC00313It is a beautiful day for such a scenery. 

20151226_141020_mr1451111665258 DSC00314I am finally here! It is as magnificent as how you imagined. I don’t mind spending hours here to enjoy the view though. 

DSC00312Ahzui you like it too ah?

DSC00321_p DSC00326-horzWe had fun exploring the place. Not only the deck, they do have malls attached to the terminal for shopping and food. Awesome!

DSC00333Bonding time with the bear.

We spend a few hours there and decided to head back to town to explore the other part of Hong Kong — The Causeway Bay! (铜锣湾)

DSC00364 DSC00367 DSC00368Causeway bay is more like Taiwan. I mean the street structure. For more iconic and more “Hong Kong feel”.. I prefer the central though. and of coz all of the kowloon area.

There’s one thing that is very famous in Causeway Bay

DSC00369The Sang kei Cart Noodle. (新记车仔面)It is called cart noodle because during the olden days, they sell this noodles in a cart.. 

DSC00371 DSC00373You can choose all sort of toppings to eat with your noodles. For my case, I am too fully for noodles so I ordered cart noodles without noodles. hahaha!

DSC00374And they say the egg tart here is nice too.

DSC00376Not too bad. 

I don’t know what to do in Causeway bay so we spend very little time here and we headed back home. What do you guys actually do there?