Hualien : Chihsingtan Beach 花莲七星潭

Hualien Must Go : Chihsingtan beach 七星潭

DSC07254One of the must visit place in Hualien is the Chihsingtan Beach. Beautiful, Magnificent, Breath-taking, Spectacular… I’ve been to a few beautiful beaches but this one is nothing like that… the sea water is crystal clear.. crystal clear to the extend that it is light blue… I get it like some beautiful beach they have this pretty ocean green clear sea but this is light blue… Light blue!! 

花莲的必去景点– 七星潭。真的很漂亮。很幸运的去过蛮多个国家的海滩。。七星潭就是有点不一样。它的海水是浅蓝色的。很多个海域都有很漂亮的海水。。澳洲日本韩国的有很壮观的蓝色,泰国巴厘岛的青蓝色。。而七星潭的真的是白里透光的浅蓝色。

DSC07221Even when the waves hit, the flow of the waves in light blue as well… did you see that? Did you did you? 当浪打在岸边时,那个漩涡也是浅蓝色的。。有看到吗?

DSC07216Make a clearer look at the sea water… transparent light blue. I’m impressed. I’m falling in love with this place. 好漂亮,看得好舒服

DSC07232If i would to travel alone to Chihsingtan beach.. I would spend the whole afternoon just by sitting at the shore day dreaming. Yes I definitely will. I love nature, I am impressed of beautiful things in the world..  如果是一个人来,我一定就在七星潭躺一个下午。就单单的坐在那放空。闭上眼睛。。用心去感受这美好的景象。

DSC07212One more thing about Chihsingtan beach, theres no sand. Just pebbles..Maybe thats why when the waves strive.. it roll back to the ocean clean… 还有,七星潭都没有沙子。全都是砾石所铺陈的弧形海湾。可能也是这样子,海水一直都那么透彻。

DSC07208_pSo why call it Chihsingtan beach… direct translation from the Mandarin name of chihsingtan beach is “seven star pond”. However, it is not a lake nor a pond. It is a coast line. But why isit called by the name of pond? 为什么叫七星潭呢?它不是一个潭。也不是湖泊。。。 七星潭其实是太平洋的一个海湾。

The history came when Hualien used to have 7 ponds near the airport area, when the Japanese conquer Hualien in the 1936’s, they decided to fill up all the ponds for construction purposes. Japanese then chased all the people living at the area to a coastline called “Yue Ya Wan” which is the initial name of Chihsingtan Beach. The people being chased to “Yue Ya Wan” claimed they were “Chihsingtan” people and hence named “Yue Ya Wan” to “Chihsingtan”.

早期的花莲的确有七星潭。七星潭是指在花莲机场附近的七个潭。在1936年日本占领的时候,日本人要在潭上建设,所以需要把一些潭给填实。住在那里的村民被逼迁移到月牙湾 (月牙湾就是现在七星潭的本名)可是还坚持自称自己是七星潭的人。所以久而久之,就把月牙湾称为七星潭了。

However, the original “chihsingtan” pond is not all filled up. You can still find one at Hualien ShiFan University and two more at Hualien Airport..  如果真的想看看原本的七星潭,还有一潭在花莲师范大学里,另外两个则在花莲机场里。

DSC07209The new “Chihsingtan” beach has become more and more popular ever since. Not only because of the beautiful ocean and coastline, the nature of the coastline leads to the flow of Kuroshio current.. and a lot of fishes follow Kuroshio current to “Chihsingtan” beach especially Mambo fish and its indirectly helps in the fisheries in Hualien. 现在的七星潭不单只是个旅游景点。它更是花莲很重要的渔业盛地。七星潭的地理生态会因黑潮流过而迁进了很多鱼种。很多种有尤其是曼波鱼都是随着黑潮而到了花莲。

Another reason is because when the sky is clear, you can lay on “chihsingtan” beach and watch the “Big Dipper” star.  还有一个典故是因为在天气好的时候,可以在七星潭观看到北斗七星。所以当地人也称它为七星潭。

DSC07201_pI would really want to spend a day to admire the beautiful creation of God. How beautiful. 真的好想好想认真去感受它的美

DSC07235Pay a visit, experience yourselves and understand their history. Things will be more meaningful and you will appreciate more with the history underlaid it. 来七星潭一趟,了解了它的历史典故,往往就是那小小的细节,会让你有更深层的一丝感触。