Hualien Zi-Qiang Night Market 自强夜市

Night Markets are one of the Taiwan Tourist Attractions. You go to Taiwan, you have to visit the night markets. That is probably the place that you can find what most of the locals eat and buy. 台湾的夜市可说是真的他们其中一个的旅游景点之一哪。不只有好吃的东西吃。。夜市也是一个让你可以融入到台湾人到地的生活形态哪。

DSC07516In Hualien, the famous night market is called Zi-Qiang Night Market. The scale is not that big but they have everything you need except shopping. Most of the night markets provide food and shopping, but not this one. Purely food and some entertainment. 在花莲,自强夜市是他们规模比较大的夜市。虽然没有像大城市的夜市那么大,可是该有的都有。自强夜市主打的是吃。。没有什么好逛,去到那边就是吃吃吃

Here’s some photos of the stalls in Zi-Qiang Night Market 这有些夜市的照片,就分享分享下吧

DSC07518 DSC07519 DSC07522 DSC07525 DSC07528 DSC07529 DSC07534 DSC07548 DSC07552 DSC07553 DSC07555 DSC07556 DSC07566 DSC07567 DSC07568 DSC07569 DSC07570We went to the night market after the not so satisfying Mambo fish meal… so.. quite limited space for food. We only get to try 4. 由于我们是稍微吃了东西才过去,肚子也已经被那不好吃的曼波鱼料理给填饱了。。焚了身也只能吃个4样

DSC07523The very famous BBQ stall. You have to take numbers and waited 45 minutes for it.. 第一家烧肉串。。。队伍排的特别长。。拿了号码还真的要排个45分钟

DSC07524It is cheap… But… 价格算是便宜的。。可是。。。味道就。。

DSC07571i would say… its really salty and over BBQ-ed. Over grilled until it becomes bitter. Why do you have such long queue..! I’ve read about reviews saying you can just skip this stall but with my stubbornness to just wanna try it out.. YEA. Now i can say… YOU can really SKIP this stall. =__________= 我只能说不好吃啦。。过咸过焦。焦到变得好苦。很难入口。话说之前也在网络上看到人家说不好吃不用排。。可是看到长长的队伍。。心里想。。排到那么长应该不会难吃吧。。事实证明我真的错了啦。。这家真的可以不用吃!好失望哦!不推不推不推!

Next Stop is another very famous stall in Zi-Qiang Night Market. Again, you need to take your number and queue up. 下一站是蒋家棺材板。夜市要拿号码排队的


DSC07533But this one is alright. I ordered the recommended dish, pumpkin seafood coffin cake.. which is… fried bread with pumpkin seafood fillings. Not too bad.. One is enough to stuff your tummy. Hehehe! 可是这家还不错。。有很多口味。。我选择了他们推荐的南瓜海鲜。。。蛮不错的。海鲜很鲜。。南瓜也好吃。吃一个就真的饱了。

DSC07536Next up is the grilled corn. I’m quite surprise when i see this. Such a big outlet for grilled corn 另一站是靠玉米。这家也太大了吧。。。


DSC07541As usual.. you have to queue up.. choose your corn, they have the soft and the Q type… then paid according to the size of the corn 队伍也是不曾停的。你可以选选看你要哪种玉米。有软的。有Q的。价钱是靠大小秤的。

DSC07539Take your number in Mahjong form and wait for your turn. This one too… Very long queue and we queue for almost half an hour for this. 那了号码牌就慢慢的等吧。

DSC07551Yums! But i still prefer my Bali grilled corn. Hehehe! 等了半个小时,玉米终于好了。我是觉得不错啦。。香香甜甜的。。可是本小姐还是喜欢巴厘岛的烤玉米。

DSC07557When we were on our way back… we passed by a shop selling herbal mutton soup. The aroma caught us and drew us in the shop. Hehehehe! 在我们回家的当儿。。无意中经过了这一家。。当归羊肉。。那个香味扑鼻的羊肉汤直接的就把我们接进去了。。

DSC07563We order the herbal mutton soup… The soup is very mild.. i cant taste any strong herbs but the mutton is very tender. Weee* 当归羊肉汤。香味那么重可是他的味道还蛮淡的。对于重口味的我不是那么开心。可是羊肉却很嫩。很好吃。


I ordered “lamb oil” longevity noodles. I duno how it should be called in english. Hahahahahahha!! it simply means the extracts of lamb fat longevity noodles. Wuahahahahhaa! 除此之外。。我们还点了羊油面线。

DSC07560It was superb. Very fragrant and the longevity simply smooth with the tempting aroma of lamb fats. Yum yum yum! Every mouthful is happiness! 羊油面线真的很好吃!油滋滋的。。面线很的油香很诱人。。一口接着一口。。有幸福的感觉!

This sum up my food adventure in Zi-Qiang Night Market. Not too impressive but its an experience. Weeee* 这就是我们自强夜市之旅!不是很满足可是还是别有风味的!