Jeju Island 1 & 2 : Mount Halla, Mini Land, Hallim Park, Osulloc Tea Musuem, Seokwipo Submarine, Jusaangjolli Cliff, Hyupjae Beach, Black Pork BBQ, Dukbokki, Bimbimbap, Banana Milk, Snowing

(Korea Day 1 & 2 29.12.2013 – 30.12.2013) : After 1 month and more of slacking, i finally decided to arrange the photos taken in Korea and start my travel log. *weeeee* Although we go with Airasia, we were lucky because there was hardly any passenger in the Quiet Zone. so all of us can own the whole row of seats. MUAHAHAHAHA. a very comfy 7 hours flight. 😀



IMG_4163We reach Busan in the afternoon and here we were, had our first meal in Korea!! oh nom nom nom* Ended up in a random food court at Busan Airport…

IMG_4145And probably had one of the best pot of beef soup throughout the trip 🙂

IMG_4155This one! The soup was very ‘beefy’. Muahaha.. Thats all i know how to describe for now.. I can finish the whole bowl of rice with this beef soup.

IMG_4153-vertAnd for others.. They were just so so 🙁

We boarded the 5pm flight and reached our first stop — Jeju Island at 7pm. Wooots! We pre-arranged a driver, Mr.Lim to bring us along Jeju Island for these 2 days. And we settle down in this hotel — Feliz Telco Hotel. 


IMG_4168Good enough for 4 of us 🙂

We woke up around 8am the next morning and start our wonderful journey in Jeju Island. Love every bits of Jeju Island!

IMG_4171First Destination — Halla Mountain!

IMG_4252WITH SNOW!! *screaammm* I never experience snow before so let me post more photos nah. kekeke! i think almost half of day 2 photos are all SNOW..

20131230_100529SNOW SNOW SNOW.. and more snow!

20131230_095438Keren with Snow also! 

IMG_4307There are snow everywhere.. snow on the road.. snow along the pathways.. snow all over the mountain!!!

20131230_095508_editI can finally throw the snow balls! muahahahaha!!! *dream come true*

IMG_4238You can also roll up and down on the snow…left and right on the snow..

IMG_4206Rolll till your camera cracked… T.T


IMG_4178Huhuhuhu. Its not what you think *sobs* Can you line the line T.T

And oh… snow is very fluffy… I still missing rolling and jumping in the snow world. kekekeke

IMG_4263Papa & Mama in winter sonata style <3 We left the beautiful halla mountain after 2 hours of crazy snow balling. huehuehuehue.. I swear ill miss you a lot snow <3

The next destination is Jusaangjolli Cliff. 

20131230_105038Honestly opinion of mine, it look more magnificent in the picture

IMG_4380We spend less than half an hour there because we still miss the snow it was less stunning. The Bali Uluwatu cliff is so much beautiful 🙂

IMG_4403We had simple korean lunch in a local restaurant

IMG_4388Dukbokki!! my favourite munch munch food throughout the korean trip. Oh nom nom nom*

IMG_4392and lets fall in love with the kim chii ss ! 😀

IMG_4390Oh nom nom nom

IMG_4383Bro had BimBimbap but it was just so so 🙂 You gulped down our food and proceed to afternoon’s plan. oh oh. First day was soooo packed!

Next up : Mini Land..

IMG_4415We went to a few MiniLand(s) before so these doesnt really stood out from the Jeju Itinerary.

IMG_4429Except it has more of the a 7 wonders statue..

IMG_4431And… more legendary character…

IMG_4435hahahaha! can you spot keren… sitting with Tang Shan Zhang in Journey of the West statue

Oh.. but i do admit i love their cartoon world!

20131230_130748They have NINJA TURTLES!!!! *screeaammm* 

IMG_4443For those who know what cartoon is this.. i can guess your age di. Hahahahahhahaha!!!

20131230_125737Keren doing her signature bully. Force snow white to kiss her leg. Wuahahaha!

IMG_4490_editHad a short scroll along Hyupjae beach before we left for the next venue..

IMG_4495Oh.. this is our tour guide.. Mr. Lim! He took great photos very friendly! And and.. he addressed keren as “baby”. hehehe

Rush to Seokwipo harbour for the Submarine… Honestly. you can just forget about it… 1 hour… around RM 300 per person for coral fish.. haih… go aquarium better T.T.. NEXT!!!


Another one hour drive to Hallim Park. We only have 1 hour here and… Gosh.. this place is Huge!! If you wanna walked throughly in Halim park.. you would need a whole morning… 

IMG_4519We have no choice but to select just a few place to explore. *sadness* 

IMG_4512Explore the giant cactus farm…! 

IMG_4498Papa just can stop falling in love with plants

IMG_4538_editJeju Folk Village. Love the place. Better if we have more time here

IMG_4541My pumpkin love with keren. Halim park closed at 5pm.. maybe just during winter time.. well you know.. the sky gets dark very quickly…

IMG_4554_editBy the time we reach O’Sulloc tea museum, the sky had already turned dark..

IMG_4559_editAgain.. if only we have more time to jump around this beautiful tea place.. and eat those tea cakes and dessert.. hahaha.. Oh well

We reached hotel around 7pm… rest a bit.. and go hunt for black pork!! You cant missed out black pork when you are in JEJU!

IMG_4583Lucky for us… the whole street behind our hotel is full of BBQ restaurant.. Effortless to find one


IMG_4566The price was reasonable… The pork is extremely good and tender..

20131230_191758We enjoyed our time together waiting for the pork to be ready, talking among our selves.. you can just take your time to slowly enjoyed our dinner..

20131230_191808Oh.. and refilled more than 6 times of these side dish… Cant really figure out what is that.. I guess it was something similar to the Taiwanese “ju ruo” (jelly alike vermicelli) 

20131230_185537Ended day 2 with an awesome dinner and also.. an awesome waist expansion journey 🙂