Keelung MiaoKou Night Market 基隆庙口夜市

One of the very famous night market in Taiwan. The Keelung Miaokou Night Market. Miaokou means temple in mandarin. So basically the night market is named so because its located around the temple in Keelung. 

_1981473_taiwan_keelung_150map 20150906_164347Keelung is just an hour drive from Taipei. I dint spend a lot of time in Keelung, we engaged a one-day private transport to bring us around Jiufen ShiFen and lastly dropped by Keelung just for the night market. YES. I purposely arrange the itinerary to Keelung just for the night market only. We spend like 3 hours here before we headed back to Taipei. 

20150906_164503 20150906_164533KeeLung Night market is symbolized by the 3 rows of yellow lantern. There are lot of must eat food in KeeLung. I cant finish all of them but we sampled a few and I am so happy i made it to Keelung night market. The food here is slightly different from all the night markets I have been through, and the quality of the food is impressive. 

20150906_164413_pHello! Im finally here! Cant eat much because we are still full eating like a horse at Jiu fen. 

Take a look first. I bet you realised the menu is slightly different than what you’ve got from other night markets too right. 

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The iconic dish of Keelung night market : The nutritious sandwich 营养三明治

DSC01275It is definitely not that nutritious. But the queue is very very long. You have to take your numbers to wait for your sandwich. What do you expect right? People came to Keelung night market without trying this food is just unforgivable. So I asked the local, why isit called the nutritious sandwich. Some say during the Dutch colonization. They wanted to eat subway sandwich and the Taiwanese misunderstand and invented this dish. Thats it.

20150906_165519So the nutritious sandwich is actually fried bread with a spread of mayonnaise, 2 slices of ham, a slice of braised egg and a slices of tomato. Simplicity is the best. Totally not healthy its fried with mayonnaise but its yummy. 

Another must eat which is also my personal favourite in Keelung night market — Jee’s Pig Trotters. 纪家猪脚原汁专家

20150906_172915A simple outlet that operate for more than  a century. Their pig trotters are not braised in soy sauce, its just herbs and its white colour.

20150906_173159We ordered the half tendons half testicles soup to share. Surprisingly the soup is very sweet. I guess they put a lot of wolf berries in it. It is not as heavy as you imagine, very light and flavourful. The tendons are cooked enough that it literally melts in your mouth. 

20150906_173343Pork oil noodles to share. Love it. So aromatic.. 

20150906_173335And the pig trotters. OMG this is love. It might not look appetizing but trust me, its so good. The trotters are cooked in the special mixed herbs. Very tender and juicy, they do not have that piggy smell that people dislike. It taste like a very clean pig if you know what I mean. And you know this is definitely a good soup when you drink it and when you close your mouth, your lips stick together. YES, its the collagen that melted during the slow cooked process.

20150906_173401If you like something more extreme, dip the pork in the special home made chilli soy sauce. OMG!!!! Perfect! Now, I understand why this shop have been standing strong for that long. 

Rong’s Butter sauce crab 容记奶油螃蟹

20150906_171033Choose your own seafood and ways to cook them. Please at least try one type of crab please. 

20150906_171651We had the signature — three dots crab cooked in butter sauce. The butter sauce is rather light, so.. it wont give you the greasy after taste and the crab still stand out.

20150906_172055Grilled King crab leg. Grilled with just salted. Simple and it bring out the sweet flavour of the crab. Yums!

Le Brother wanted to try the fried crab. 

20150906_170544 20150906_170909We had one and its just ok. Not too bad but no wow effect.

Fermented glutinous rice dumplings 酒酿汤圆

20150906_175056This is my first time for fermented wine thing. 

20150906_175333Surprisingly it is very good. The little white thing floating? its the fermented rice. Its warm and soothing. Taste like a mild version of diluted  chinese rice wine with rice dumplings. Hehehe! 

20150906_175142Freshly squeezed orange juice. Very nice. We had 3 bottles of that. Hahaha!

I am not a dessert person but this snow ice 刨刨冰、绵绵冰 is equally as famous as the nutritious sandwich and the Jee’s Pig trotters.

20150906_185000The signature flavour is the peanut flavour and the sour fruit. I had the peanut flavour. It taste like peanut. Told you I’m not a sweet tooth. 

Last but not least, beverages. You know you have to get it when you see everyone is holding one. Its called the cocoa milk. 可可牛奶

20150906_185726 20150906_185807 20150906_224643We bought honey and cocoa milk. The honey is nice.. refreshing and not too sweet. The cocoa milk is like.. cocoa + milk. Nothing to shout about. But I guess its popular not because of the taste, maybe it relates to some memories or childhood or something like that. Who knows right.

20150906_185312And YES. The whole place look so beautiful when the sun goes down right! I’m happy I’m finally here.. tried the legendary nutritious sandwich, butter sauce crab, fall in love with the forever so awesome pig trotters and tried snow ice and cocoa milk which I dont fancy at all. hahahahaha! There are still a lot of recommended food but save it for next time when I come back for the trotters then. Chao!