Kyoto : Explore Gion, Chojiro, Melon Pan, Club World Nightlife

Gion, is one of the most visited area in Kyoto. I would say Gion is basically divided into three areas, one the geisha district where you can see traditional preserved culture of the geisha, another one, the busy modern city and lastly the red light district that is much more alive when the sun goes down. We hang out at Gion most of the time, I would say I would go to Gion everyday when we were in Kyoto. Like I said, that’s the only place which is alive at night~

20160219_154822_mr1456212438663Kamo river which we passed by everyday.


DSC00381-horzKamo river at night. Not as pretty as the one shown in Google. I guess maybe they used to have rows and rows of restaurant last time. #comparison

20160219_155103_mr1456212386304 20160219_155152_mr1456212360898So these are the streets and the place that we hangout at Gion. The same old bridge, the same old street.

It was our last day in Kyoto! Packed all our stuff and stored it at the locker at Kyoto station before we start our adventure. 

IMG-20160223-WA0087We visited the Kiyomizu-dera temple and Jishu shrine before we decided to grab our dinner at Chojiro, the famous conveyor belt sushi in Kyoto! YES, it was located along the street we walked everyday but we never realised. Hahahahaha!! 

DSC00424Our heart sunk when we saw the word “CLOSE” hanging at the door. But lucky for us, it opens at 5pm which is like 10 mins later. 

DSC00427As usual, we grab some food at the combini and I had Oden! 

DSC00434 DSC00435When the clock hits 5, we quickly rushed to Chojiro. Lucky for us because it was just 5 mins pass 5 and the outlet is 80% full. Oh.. the seafood is extremely fresh because you can see the fishes you eat still swimming at the tank and the next second, you can actually see the chef catching them from the tank and just slaughtered on the spot. OK. Sashimi, u are very fresh. 

DSC00428And everyone got and Ipad, just ordered whatever you want! 

DSC00429 (2)Miso soup with clams. Thats the biggest bowl of miso soup I’ve seen. I can hardly finish the clams too. But taste wise, excellent!

DSC00431Chawanmushi. I will order chawanmushi whenever I had Jap food. The chawanmushi there is silky smooth, not too salty and the goodness of the seafood its all infused in the steamed eggs. Yum yum!

DSC00432Grilled Cod. Most probably the best dish for me. I am always impressed by how the fish can be cooked until the skin is crispy golden brown but the meat is still juicy and smooth. 

DSC00436Tuna and Salmon Belly. This is how a sushi should look like. That piece of fish should covered the rice. OMG, #whyyousofattyandfresh

DSC00442Tuna belly and Salmon belly for second round!

DSC00440We also had (clock wise) Amaebi sweet prawns sushi, grilled scallop sushi, crab sashimi sushi and Shirako sushi..

DSC00441So this Shirako sushi is actually a milt aka sperm sac. Yea the sperm sac is actually sweet and milky. Nothing to be afraid of! #18SX

IMG-20160223-WA0095 IMG-20160223-WA0100

After our filling dinner, we went to hunt for some dessert, the Kyoto famous Melon Pan!DSC00447

DSC00444We found the one recommended but there is no custard in it. 🙁

DSC00446And later we just walked around the place.. looking for a place to chill..

DSC00443We then ended up to explore the famous club in Kyoto. Googled the place and who knows, it is that building where we walked pass everyday again! Ok, that doesn’t look like a club at all lor..

IMG-20160223-WA0079_pBut club in Kyoto is nothing like those we had in Malaysia. Its very safe, music is good and its very very very peaceful and quiet before 11pm. (we even play card games for hours) They have different theme and songs genre everyday. We were lucky friday is pop music. And its in English!

Oh, interesting part, they have a few dancers to cheer the crowd up around midnight hours, and the club actually only gets a bit merrier after the dancers show up. And, they gave everyone in the club free shots rounds and rounds. I had 4 rounds I guess. Oh well, its a very good experience trying their nightlife in Kyoto.

IMG-20160223-WA0078I would say, their club is kinda safe. 🙂

IMG-20160223-WA0085Oh ya, found an interesting cup noodles in the combini. HAHAHAHA! #iknowright #18PL