Kyoto : What to eat at Nishiki Market?

Today is 29th February 2016.. Happy Leap Year? HEHE #oncein4years

We love market, we like to explore all kinds of market, not only you get good food in the market, most of the time, you can get local souvenirs or even snacks with a better price! In Kyoto, we decided to give Nishiki Market a try. Nishiki Market (錦市場, Nishiki Ichiba) is a narrow, five block long shopping street which consist of more than 100 stores and restaurant, at the end of the market, there are two shopping street connected. Yup, I guess if you really wanted to explore the place thoroughly including the two shopping streets, give it at least half day. Few hours is definitely not enough. Most of the shops in Nishiki Market closed at 5pm and on Wednesdays and Sundays. So avoid these two days if possible. We have no idea about the Wednesdays and Sundays and we went on a Wed. Some shops are closed but still ok for us.

20160216_225003Our culture before we start our day : We will visit the combini aka convenient stalls for some food and drinks first because we always leave house around 12pm or 1pm, tummy is calling for food d. Other than the yummy rice balls, I had my favourite hot corn soup from Pokka. Very delicious and most importantly, its hot. So be careful when you drink it.

DSC00259Finally here! Nishiki Market!

DSC00263Colourful roof!

DSC00260The first stall is selling Senbei, which is japanese rice crackers. They have a lot of different flavoured senbei…. I don’t eat Senbei so I asked if the guys wanna try…

DSC00262Tracy got a classic senbei which is claimed to be the best seller

DSC00261Kel got a 5 spices senbei.. I am not a big fans of senbei so I asked Kel to try first and I only take a bite of the better ones. He said 5 spices if better. I had a bite and I confirmed I will never fall in love with Senbei. hahahaha! Sorry senbei~

DSC00266 DSC00268Next up is the Green tea speciality shop. Kyoto is famous for their green tea products, so we basically tried everything they had.

DSC00269 DSC00276Green Tea Cake…

DSC00273 nishiki marketGreen Tea Ice Cream…

DSC00274And Green Tea Mochi! 

IMG-20160223-WA0053_pGreen Tea Ice Cream is heaven! It is very strong in flavour and the creamy texture just melted in your mouth! I don’t really fancy the Matcha Mochi but Tracy love it!

DSC00279 DSC00280Beef Manju Bun! Means Beef Bun. 

DSC00284Its all over Kyoto and to be honest, we all prefer the beef manju bun at Kiyomizu-dera. Will show the link and pictures once that post is up

DSC00287Sashimi Sticks! We love this one.

DSC00288Its fresh and easy to eat. 

DSC00289Live seafood stalls..

DSC00290We had the amaebi prawns. So sweet. Just so sweet. You can either dip in a bit of soy sauce or just eat it like this. I eat it like this! Yums!

DSC00295Yomogi Yakianmochi, Its actually a grilled mugwort mochi filled with sweet red bean paste. 

DSC00297Not too bad. Green tea mochi is a lil bit bitter but the red bean paste is sweet and smooth. Love!


DSC00303I prefer the one at Dotonbori, Osaka more. Click here to read when post is ready.

DSC00305Octopus with quail egg. Taste wise nothing special but technique wise, we were amazed, how they stuffed the whole quail egg in the octopus head #omgsopainful

DSC00306Fresh Grapefruit Juice. Love it! Just drink it from the fruit~

DSC00278Apart from that, They have other stalls that sells seafood. A lot of shop closed on Wednesday so I dont have much to show..

DSC00285Selling spices and teas

DSC00299Japanese miso pickles. In Kyoto, they love their pickles!

DSC00304Fish cakes in all sort of style! I wanted to try this but was too full already.

Not only food, they sell unique snacks and souvenirs too.

DSC00300Flavoured candies. Green onion candies, carrot candies, tomato candies, black bean candies and a lot a lot more. Anyone wanna try?

DSC00293And this!!

DSC00294Yup definitely have to buy! Its very iconic! Hahaha!

DSC00291Cute stuff!

So because a lot of shop closed around 5pm, we finish exploring the market quite fast. So at the end of Nishiki Market, there’s this beautiful temple. 

DSC00309 DSC00310 IMG-20160223-WA0054_p IMG-20160223-WA0059_p IMG-20160223-WA0061_pSelfie mode! We were too busy eating and now food adventure’s over and time for some pictures!

DSC00316 DSC00317So these are the 2 shopping arcade. Teramachi Shopping Arcade and Shin-Kyogoku shopping arcade. 

Not much pictures when we were busy shopping. 

20160217_165121_mr1456213138081But this machine caught out attention. 

Look at it! 

DSC00313Its like a custard-alike cake and its yummy!!

20160217_164905Donuts are cute too!

It was 3 degree with strong wind and it can hardly feel my hands… while the guys were shopping for shoes and caps, I went to play some of this..


20160217_175327and eat some dumplings at 711. hahaha! 

DSC00318The guys bought some cap. They said the cap here is far more cheaper than Malaysia! Tips for u guys tho!

P/S : One of the things to try in Kyoto is Obanzai Ryori. Obanzai Ryori is the traditional homestyle cooking of Kyoto. Its normally made up of multiple small dishes which is quite simple to prepare. 

Screenshot_2016-02-29-15-37-12_resizedI’m quite reluctant to post this picture up because this is probably the ONLY meal that is horrible throughout our Japan trip! Not only it doesnt taste good, its very expensive. Shouldn’t let Mr.Eddie to choose =___= 

IMG-20160223-WA0058_pHowever, still a meal full of laughters. We end up having some street food to make your tummy happy again!