llao llao Frozen Yogurt vs Yoguru, Singapore

My mama is a super yogurt fans. Wherever we go, she will try out all the yogurt ice cream, frozen yogurt, anything related to yogurt to ease her cravings. I was not keen at first, not a sweet tooth and we just had our Sushi Dinner like half an hour ago, however, theres no room to say NO. 🙂

DSC04013Brother brought us to this frozen yogurt outlet call llao llao natural frozen yogurt, located at the basement of Somerset Shopping mall at Orchard Singapore. The queue is very long. VERY LONG. But as you all know, I am pro in queuing for good food. I’m crossing my finger that time. Tehehe!

Mama just want a plain frozen yogurt. So i ordered the small tub with 1 toppings = SGD 4.50

DSC04017The plain yogurt is nice, smooth and refreshing. I mean not too milky. 

However, I saw almost everyone is ordering something in common… “Sanum” is the name.. Sanum means : yogurt + tropical fruits + crunch + sauce = SGD 5.90. I was hesitating at first because it quite a big portion and.. I am very full. But as the queue gets nearer, I just ordered. Hohohoho. I dont want to have regret not ordering what everyone is ordering. Hehehe

DSC04016My customized Sanum : 1 layer of plain yogurt, 1 layer of crunch : sunflower kennels, 1 layer of white chocolate sauce, 3 types of tropical fruits : Strawberries, Bananas and Blueberries, 1 layer of sunflower kennels crunch again, 1 layer of plain yogurt and finish it up with 1 layer of white chocolate sauce.

DSC04021_pThe first bite is already irresistible. The combination is so good!! Just so so so good. The texture is good with the crunch, the fruits is sweet, the white chocolate sauce add another dimension to the plain yogurt. At first i thought it is such a big portion without realizing i almost finish half of the tub already. Now i know why everyone is queuing up for this! HIGHLY recommended. 

You know I love it when i keep coming back for more. On the last day of our Singapore trip, i demand to have llao llao frozen yogurt again. This time, they are shocked. Muahaha! I really love it ok! And so this is my second Sanum. *weeeeee*

DSC04318_pTummy stuffed with Ayam Penyet Ria but still very happy to have my Sanum. *oh nom nom nom*

DSC04321This time. I tried another combination.
Sauce : Cherry Sauce
Crunch : Almond crunch 
Tropical fruits : Blueberries + Watermelons + Honeydews
Webbie : http://www.llaollaoweb.com/sg/frozen-yogurt


DSC04316The same day i had my second llao llao yogurt. Just straight after dinner, before my llao llao. Mama stumbled upon this yogurt stall just outside of Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road. Bought 2 small tub of original yogurt with 2 toppings at SGD 3.20 each. 

DSC04315I think its ok. Nothing to shout about. 

DSC04317Hello baby girl, you want ma? *kiss kiss*

Webbie : http://www.yoguru.com.sg/