Lok Tian Cafe, Sarikei

What do u get the most in Sarikei? Yes. Foochow! *hiak hiak* Thats why am blogging about foochow food now.. almost 80% of the food consumed is Foochow delicacies… We went to this so-called LOK TIAN cafe before we head our journey back to kuching…

SEE!! Sarikei oso got Lok THian neh!

Mummy and I Had this Zhao Cai Hung Gan.. Just so-so. Not enough sour, not enough wine, not enough kik! i duno hows the original Zhao Cai Hung Gan should taste like but i prefer it to be more sourish.. more wine.. huhuhu! I m heavy taste!! I still prefer the one near my office! super kik!

Hung Gan is a thick version of vermicelli…!

Papa and Dar had Tiem Meng HU… So-so lah.. it taste similarly with the one at 4th mile.. nothing special.

REd Wine Mee Sua with CHicken n Mushroom.. Hmm.. Can i say okok? hahahaha! To be honest, nth to shout about.. the whole breakfast experience is jus so so and not satisfying..

But surprisingly.. the most common and normal fried Kuey Tiao taste the best! hahaha! i guess probably the fire is big enuf.. Every piece of the kuey tiao is full of aroma! *teehehehhe!!

In conclusion : Not impressive!