Melbourne: Build-a-bear-workshop

Evey ask me about the build-a-bear-workshop thingy when we were having lunch at Hilton last weekend… and it actually give me something to blog about!! *nyek nyek*

SO this BUILD-A-BEAR-WORKSHOP is in Chadstone.. Well.. there is a shutter bus provided for the tourist to go to Chadstone but its only available during morning time.. so as for late-“wakers” like me… its a little bit troublesome but still.. easy. Take a train from Flinders street station to Cranbourne station.. or any stop which will then take you to Hughesdale.. YES.. stop at hughesdale..!! Take a tram 767 if not mistaken… not so remember already and the tram will take you directly to Chadstone. OH.. leave a day for Chadstone because half day is simply not enough.

The concept of the shop is actually to personalise soft-toys.. mainly bears for their love one.. According to the shop assistant.. parents are always their main customers as they usually come here to customize bears for their daughters and so on.. For special occasion such as birthdays and valentines day of coz!! ^^

Its kinda special to me because i never seen these things before.. there are a few section.. Here comes..


Yes.. choose me is the first step.. means choose a bear SKIN for you liking.. they are plenty of them.. ranging from AUD 15 to AUD 45… just for the SKIN!

Oh.. yala yala i know..there is skin for hello kitties and doggies as well.. teeehehehe!!

It says.. “build-a-bear-workshop” ma.. so of coz i chooseee… A BEAR SKIN

Teeehehehe!! SO CUTE!!!!

Yes.. you are done with choosing a skin.. F.Y.I.. mine is AUD 15


Second stage is hear me.. means you can either record your own voice.. your own message to your loves one or you can choose the standard voice..

To record you own voice and message.. you have got 10 seconds.. and its AUD 15.. you can record and delete.. record and delete until you are satisfied with it… as for standard voice.. such as the messages like.. i miss you.. i love you.. happy birthday.. and so on is AUD 5.

After you are decided.. or you are done with all ur sweet recordings.. you can wave to the shop assistant and they will guide you to stage 3!!


YEs!!! the bear skin have to be stuffed with COTTON now!!!! teehehehe! OH… the whole *aquarium* of soft cotton rolling!

So before you stuff the cotton into the bear skin.. they will help you to place the recording into the bear’s hand!

ANd here you go..stuff with cotton.. you can make your bear full of cotton.. make it hard like a wood.. or you can just lessen the cotton and make it softer.. the shop assistant will request you to step on the paddle.. (the paddle controls the flowing of the cotton to the bear’s body).. Well.. they let you cuddle the bear time by time to test the comfy-ness of your ideal bear bear!

When the stuffing is done.. you pick a red heart from the box.. make a wish.. and the shop assistant will ask you to stuff it in the bear before they help you to knit the bear. they say the red heart represent the bear’s heart and what you wish for your loves one.. euuww… how sweeet!!

So this is my bear!! weehehehehehe!! now she is firm.. YES.. its a she.. i made her a she!


Next you have to dress her up.. they are plenty of dresss.. costume and everything.. shoes.. hand bags.. hat.. roller skate.. wadever you need it.. they’ve got it!!! The price of the clothing per piece is ranging from AUD 10 to AUD 25. I wanna cut cost on these so i just buy her a dress..

(For a complete set for female bears.. they have got pom pom dress.. different kinda costume.. underwear.. socks.. fairy tale cute accessories.. shoes.. and many other) I only get her a simple dress!!

Awwww.. which one do you like?!

They then have dressing rooms for your bear.. you can take your time with your bears trying out all the outfits and dress!! how cool!!

Oh.. undecided! (but i still got her one.. teehehhe)


AFter you have dress your bear up.. its time to register it.. give her a name and identity! They are making the bear a BIRTH CERT!!!!

huhu!! and of coz.. have to key in the owner’s particulars as well.. so when the bear is lost.. someone happen to find it.. they can just send back to the shop and they will acknowledge the owner. =)




Stage 6 is the happiest.. You pay and you bring the bear home!! How sweet!

She finally has an owner.. ooh!! perhaps two!

Extra: in case of the budget.. to have a fully dressed and accessoried bear.. the price range will go to maximum AUD 70. =)

AUD 70= RM 175…. *shit.. its still super expensive for such a tiny bear…*

BUT..its the thoughts that counts!!

Its fully customised and there is only one of that in the world..!