Melbourne : Convenient food at Coles

I love convenient food. My family love convenient food. We would most like to check out all the convenient stalls, 7-elevens, marts and so on to hunt for the local convenient food whenever we went for travelling. hehe!

We rent an apartment at Melbourne, and just down across Swanston Street, theres coles just around the corner and thats the place we often dig our supper from. 🙂

Among the favourites, we have this leek and bacon quiche.

Cant remember exactly how much it cost but were tempted to try. Just by looking at the ingredient. yum yum yum!

My brother, happily utilizing our little pantry.

Just put in an oven for 15 minutes and you can have tis slightly burnt perfect looking quiche. *mad love*

Roasted Chicken, nevertheless, we have tis almost every night. Yes. almost every night for supper. it certainly taste so much better than it looks. Tender and juicy and.. its worth the price. It only cost us around AUD6 to AUD9 depend on the size and it can ultimately fill up 4 hungry tummies.

Chicken Chorizo? I cant really remember the name. thats the consequences for dragging the blog post for nearly 8 months. hahahahaha!

Anyway.. its something like chicken wrapped in cheese, sour cream and some vegetables. I still prefer my quiche tho. 🙂

And lastly my favourite of all time. Classic caesar salad.

AUD5. Bacon strips, caesar cream, chedder cheese slices, crouton and lotsa fresh veges.

Slightly overpriced but i love every bites of it. imagine roasted chicken and caesar salad every night.

hoho. Im smiling! im glad kuching doesnt have much of these comfort food. Arbo.. fat die nah