Melbourne: Healesville Sanctuary

I went to Australia Air Show on saturday actually.. but too too too many pichas to edit so i decided to post up my trip to Healesville Sanctuary first.. Its recommended by Darren.. and thank you so much for bringing me there.. I like the place.. as compared to Melbourne Zoo.. Cause Melbourne Zoo got too many types of non-australia animals such as hippo.. girrafe and so on.. but Healesville Sanctuary only have all the AUstralia Animals.. Platypus.. Kangarroo.. Koala.. Dingo.. and Emu.. and many more la of coz. teehehe!! But don say so  much first la.. i MIGHT go to Melbourne Zoo oso!! kakakakak!!!

Early in the morning.. i dress up nicely and prepare for my visit.. but who knows once i step out from the room.. MY GOSH!! WEEKENDS ARE DAMN COLD NEH!! its 16 Degree that time.. Morning somemore.. immediately.. i go and change lah! kekek!

So Healesville Sanctuary is very far away.. one hour from Glenferrie to LilyDale.. then another hour from Lilydale to Healesville Sanctuary!!

Tada!! Reach liao. kekeke!

Pose with the eagle statue in front of the entrance.. i heard it was like this is the eagle that makes the beginning of Healesville Sanctuary?

Lucky enuf we reach there by 12.15pm and there is the show called “Bird of Prey” at 12.30pm.. how lucky rite?? Bird of Prey mainly introduce their rare species of Bird.. and how they hunt their food and so on..

This one is out of the few which i like..

Because he knows how to use a stone to crack an egg. teehehehe..

This one is the most Handsome one!! BIG enuf rite??!

After the Bird of Prey.. we continue the journey for Australian Animals. keke!

First station is Dingo.. Its an australian Dog.. originate in Tasmania.. it can say its a combination of wolf and dog.. it knot bark.. but it howls… and its meat eaters.. when they are in a group.. they tend to hunt Kangarooos.. huhuhu!

Secondly.. Koalas.. OH!! this is my dar dar’s favourite.. and so am I now. KOALAs are super cute!! and LAZY! They eat and they sleep… thats all their live is about. teehehe!

Such a cutie..

DId u see him?? Eating again.. huhuhu T.T They do not allow us to carry it as Koala is their protected animals and Koala is not social. they only allow their keeper to hug them. huhu.. cute..! but they do giv us to touch the real fur of Koala’s on a fake koala.. Oh Gosh.. Koala’s fur is so soft.. softer than the New Zealand sheep fur.. seriously!

Saw lotsa Kangaroos resting as a group.. in their herd.. hmm.. i don dare to go in the herd as there are not only cute wallabies but also the strong and macho big kangarroo..

so i intend to seduce one wallaby which is outta the crowd.. But still.. it look at me and ignore me.. it doesnt seems to be seduced! hmpf! BAD KANGAROOO!

But anyway.. when i walked along.. DING!! i saw one wallaby standing there ALONE!! huhuh!!!

OMG! quick quick go sayang it.. hehe.. such a cute one.. and its so tame and friendly..

Camwhore! *grin*

I have to be tame and gentle.. because the papa is just somewhere behind me. huhuh!


THis is the so-called health hospital for the animals here..

Milks for new born..

At first i thought its some video for the tourist.. but who knows.. its LIVE on show.. they actually saw a wounded echidna (something like a hedgehog) on the roadside so they bring it back to take care of it.. the whole patch of skin is being peeled off but the lady say its gonna be alright.. so pity.. it even have oxygen suport for it…

another specialty of Australia.. PLATYPUSClick here for some details.. before i saw it.. i thought platypus is kinda big.. but it turn out so small.. hehe! but seriously.. its even cuter than kangaroo.. ^^ The keeper says they squueze their tail to check if they are in a healthy condition bcoz their tail is to use to store all their fats. ^^

Platypus likes dark and quite.. so we are not allow to use flash.. and must be quiet of coz.. and you know what… inside there is so freaking dark.. only a dim light for us to see 7 platypus.. so means no picture taken.. i took one.. but its totally darkness. huhu!

Emu.. i don like it because it look so fierce.. kakaka

some wetlands birds.. take pictures for fun only.

WOMBAT!! ahhH! this one is the one i m so looking forward to it… the first time i saw a wombat toy is at Gordon’s room.. so cute can!!! so so so cute!! and all around Melbourne souveniers shop.. i saw cute wombat soft toys..

ANd when i saw the real one.. hhuhuhu!! ok nia lah.. and wombat are super lazy. they owes hibernate in their box. teeehehe! i know it look like pig in the photo

Tasmania devil.. The Walt Disney one is so cute.. but the real one. huhu.. no comment..

The babies..

the adults.. tasmania devil is the only animal got fenced by electric gates.. i think it means that they can bite?

Flying Foxes. nth to shout about la.. there are still a lot of animals and different species but i think these are the majors one la hor. hehe… and the cuter among all one. kaka!

OH ya!! this machine is awesome.. tourists or visitors can make their own souveniers for their loves one!! i made five! for my family and dar! *teehehe* show u guys next time nah!