Penang Food Guide : Dim Sum House VS Prosperous Dim Sum Restaurant

Apart from the Char Kuey Tiao, the Loh Mee, the Har Mee and the Cendol, dim sum is most probably the next thing people will go craving for especially during the early mornings or even high tea. I spent two days of my beautiful mornings hunting for dim sum around Penang, or perhaps, around Macalister Road.

Dim Sum House and Prosperous Dim Sum is quite near to each other. Dim Sum House is opposite Red Rock Hotel and Prosperous Dim Sum Restaurant is behind Red Rock Hotel. So let’s see what they have to offer!

Dim Sum House

DSC00019Both of them share the similar open concept restaurant theme, with dim sum carts around and different stations catering different types of dim sum.

DSC00020 DSC00022 DSC00023Need not to say much, lets the picture do the talking. 

DSC00029Steamed pork ribs. This is always my number one choice and the must order in all the dim sum session~ Not too bad. A lil bit greasy as compared to others but very flavourful

DSC00030Braised chicken feet. Another must order. I like their version of braised chicken feet because it is as though all the sauce and marinates had infused in it. Every bite is a bomb!

DSC00027Prawn Siew Mai. Not too bad. Nothing to shout about

DSC00034Egg yolk pork siew mai. Its just a nice siew mai. That’s all I can say. 

DSC00033Prawn and pork wraps in tangy sauce. It’s probably a lil bit too meaty after so many siew mai. But this one with a tangy sauce definitely stood out.

DSC00032Lo Mai kai aka Glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leave. I don’t normally take lo mai kai even the one in Hong Kong. But the Penang version of Lo Mai Kai is quite good. Not only every bit of rice is soaked in the flavours, you can even taste the smoky smell from the lotus leaf. yums!

DSC00031Fried meat roll. I’m not a fried food person but le bro say its quite good.

DSC00026We had xiao long bao as well but it is horrible. Not even worth to be up here. hahahahaha! So guys, avoid xiao long bao at dim sum house unless you wanna eat a siew mai alike xiao long bao!

Prosperous Dim Sum Restaurant

DSC00151 DSC00127 DSC00128 DSC00130For me, I think Prosperous Dim Sum has more varieties. Happy mode straight away when you saw what they have to offer! Lets start! 

DSC00141As usual, Pork ribs!! Dim sum feast will never be perfect without my pork ribs! I like the pork ribs here because its less greasy but as flavourful still.

DSC00135Chicken Feet is awesome as well. Marination is spot on. The meat around the claw is so tender it literally just fall off the bones once you bite it. Oh nom nom!

DSC00136Lo mai kai is a yums too! I like how generous they are with the ingredients for lo mai kai. Mushrooms, meat, sausages. It makes the lo mai kai taste even better!

DSC00137Prawn rice rolls aka chee cheong fun. Its up to snuff but honestly, I still think Guangzhou and Hong Kong had the best chee cheong fun!

DSC00139Pork belly Steamed Bun! The steamed bun is fluffy and sweet but the pork belly needs a lil bit more time to braise it. Kinda tough for me. 

DSC00140Steamed pork stomach with herbs. This one is one of my favourite too! The whole dish is so light with a perfect touch of the herb aroma. I just cant stop drinking the soup!

DSC00142Steamed pork meat with rice rolls. Not my favourite. Too heavy for me.

DSC00145Sweet and sour pork roll. I love how they served the fried meat rolls with the sweet and sour sauce. It balanced up the meaty part of the meat roll. 

DSC00144Char siew pastry. Way more delicious than I thought. The pastry is buttery and flaky and the char siew inside is tender and juicy. Not too sweet, it compliments the pastry just well!

DSC00147Fried Wanton with Mayo. Not too bad!

DSC00149Steamed three layer pork with yam! Nothing to shout about.

DSC00148Steamed egg with prawns, fins and yolks! I’m loving it! Just cant get away from eggs huh me! Yum yum yum!

DSC00132 DSC00133These were our orders of the day! So fulfilling! I personally like Prosperous dim sum more than Dim Sum House. What say u?


Dim Sum House : 63, Jalan Macalister, 10450 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Prosperous Dim Sum Restaurant :  202-G5, Aboo Siti Lane, 10400 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia