Phuket Phuket Phuket

I am so so so tanned after my phuket trip! hahaha! omg omg! my legs look like.. hmm.. better don say lah. hehe!

So it happened a week ago.. we went to Phuket.

We both had our favourite.. Marry Brown in the Airport.. How nice!

We happened to drop by KL for a night..

have a chill with his foundation friends long long long long time ago back in Taylors.. And also to meet up with his buddies in KL.. those four awesome person who we are going to phuket with. Thankiiuk guys.. and especially Kenneth for taking half day leave to pick us along for good food and a free night stay at his home sweet home!! 3 years later i wanna stay at ur new condo ah! *kekeke*

exchange baht at KL as KL offered better rates.. yeah! its for 4 of us la hor

Talking about good food.. these “zhu zap juk” and steamed chicken are always dar’s favourite.. all these while i have been hearing him mentioning and mentioning all the time and NOW.… is the time i can really taste it..

The porriage is above average.. at first.. i feel like its slightly different than what he had told me.. but i duno why.. once i get back to kuching.. i suddenly feel like eating it so so so so much.. omg!! i wonder does the owner cast some spell on it… why why why!!! now it has bcum my turn to keep bugging for the “zhu zap juk” (means mixed pork porriage.. means a lot of spare parts of the pig stuff lah)

Another killer was this steamed chicken. Kenneth ordered for us..GOSH.. i don not wan to mention it anymore.. this was indeed the best of all chicken. haha.. i would just entitled it as “Miss Licin licin”

Thankiuk kenneth for treating us! keke.. at night.. we went to k3k for a drink and to meet all dar’s foundation friends.. a small gathering for them lo. hehehe!! We ordered this… mine was red bean smoothies and his was green bean smoothies. all i can say it.. sugar is too cheap in that cafe.-interpret-

And the day after that.. as early as 4am in the morning… we went to PHUKET!!!

they still laugh at us gok.. hahaha!! well.. the story about that will be reveal later.. about the idiotic morons malay security bitch.. &@#!$@^@#

they are my phuket’s mates.. hahaha!!

Finally after an almost 2 hour flight.. we reached Phuket Safe and Sound!

Once we got down from the plane.. we were taken for a city tour.. how nice!!

FIrst station was this T-shirt printing factory

they have funky funky worded tees. anything u can and cannot think of.

Next.. we went to the cashew nuts factory and wholesale.

In the very first time i saw how raw cashew nuts are.. and how they are process.. very cool indeed!

after all the shop and tasting.. our tour guide (we dint follow any tour.. the tour guide i mean is the one who arrange the hotel and the phi phi island trip for us) bought us some local thai dessert!!

SUPERB!!!! its like the “lek dao suan” bean but coated with sth sth and must dip some sauce before u eat. SweeT!

GEM JEWELERY was the next station..

and of coz.. they show us the history of Gems and the introduction and description of different Gems and Pearls..

Next up is shooting range!! how many of u love to shoot!! i definitely do!!!

Now… pick your guns…

I like rifle!! its long and easy to control..


and my score!! not bad hor… my first time worh

and his turn..

you guess his score yourself.. his gun is damn difficult to control!!

Next to the shooting range is where elephant trekking is!

ALL of us!

Our elephant is so tall… and it makes my heart drops when it is rushing down the so-called hills..


One more station before all of us head to our villa.. KARON VIEW POINT

KARON view point is the place where you can see the whole phuket or at least a rough idea of how phuket is from the top of the hill..

Those 3 curves shows the 3 main beaches of phuket… Kata beach, Karon Beach and Patong Beach

and til then.. all of us check in to our room.. oh.. forgot to mention.. we stay in Thanthip Villa.. its a very very very nice villa.. everyone is loving it..

not only the facilities and the environment.. the people are nice and friendly..

Vinly and I… yea.. we are happie of the baby pool..

and don forget the THAI coconut!! its a MUST.. *u can get it at the food court at midvalley oso lah*