Phuket Short Getaway!

Sorry for feeding you guys all the old travelogues. I am clearing the albums in my laptop now  so might as well just blog it out. It was September 2014. Exactly 2 years ago when we randomly plan a 3D2N getaway to Phuket. A very short one so we basically just arrange a very nice resort, (check out our resort here) pace there and have some family bonding time. It was 5 years ago since I last visited Phuket, not much changes I would say. We went for a very short city tour and I just hate the weather. It was so hot I can barely enjoy anything at all.

It was not even lunchtime yet but as i mentioned, I just couldn’t tolerate the burning hot sun. Randomly walked into this restaurant for ice cold beer food and aircon.


dsc08527 dsc08529_p-horzNot too bad. I have nothing much to offer in this post but food.. and more food. Hahahhaa! Enjoy!

dsc08537-tileClockwise : Fried Seafood Platter –> Green Curry Beef –> Pineapple Fried Rice –> Amok Fish –> Prawn Omelette –> Cashew nut Chicken.

dsc08553And lastly, all norm –> Mango Sticky Rice

Then we proceed to Jungceylon Shopping Mall for the aircon. Its a open concept mall but at least it’s not that hot.

dsc08554 dsc08578 dsc08580 dsc08581 dsc08584Swensens for ice cream!! Food again yay!!!

dsc08556 dsc08560 dsc08562Durian Juice in the supermarket..

dsc08564_pHmmm… not that nice. It taste exactly like what you imagining now. 

And this facial place is packed with humans…! 299 baht which is around RM 30 ++ for a full package of massage and facial! why not!! Need to take number and queue one eh. 

dsc08565 dsc08573 dsc08576

dsc08571_pTada! Feel so naked.

So we managed to spend the whole afternoon at Jungceylon before exploring Patong Beach. It’s a very happening place if you plan to just pace around the street, holding a nice cold beer and just wait for the party to start. No I din’t. I went to explore the duno what sea game competition thingy along Patong Beach. 

dsc08588 dsc08589 dsc08590 dsc08593_p dsc08607_pHello from Patong Beach! Say hello to my anak monyet! haha!

dsc08602_pNormally if its not my first time to the place, I’ll just take my time doing boring stuff, eat and just loiter around. No touristy activities. So mind me if it’s too boring. You can check out my travelogue list at the top panel or the tagged bar beside for more interesting stuff. 

dsc08619 dsc08621Tuk tuk to the night market!! FOOODDD!!!! 

dsc08622 dsc08623 dsc08624 dsc08636 dsc08639 dsc08640 dsc08643

dsc08625I love this little things a lot. Its like a very solid jelly like skin with sweetened yellow bean paste inside. It’s so addictive you will just keep eating it.

dsc08644And so this is our perfect combination of food for dinner!! Chaos!