Ruby Restaurant, Sibu

We were extremely disappointed with all the food we had for LUNCH. TEA BREAK. everything we had in Sibu before dinner time was a big disappointment. Its either its too healthy.. means tasteless.. or.. its not nice at all.. So.. that particular evening.. we promised ourselves we must have something nice! Annna searched through some famous sibu food blog and she found this. RUBY RESTAURANT!

Its located just somewhere opposite beside our hotel.. but the receptionist gave us the wrong direction.. totally out of the correct path.. lucky ahlost saw the sign board b4 we follow the direction given! *hmpfff*

It says one of the specialty drinks of Ruby Restaurant is Peanut Barley and the other one will be Arthur Wee’s coffee.. i guess it named after a guy called Arthur?

By the way.. this is the peanut barley.. i personally love it sooo much that i gulped down almost half b4 the dish was even served. *hohoho*

Arthur Wee’s coffee.. i m not really a big fans of coffee but i think its ok. =)

We had this Pandan Chicken…!

The first bite.. i was like.. Thank God I finally tasted something palatable!!!

The sauce compliment every bits of the chicken…!

Butter cheese baby kailan.. hard to belief eh? it was a divine.. u jus cant tell how nice it was until u actually tasted it!

sea cucumber soup…! nothing to shout about. =)

stir fry tang hun! it was smooth and not too oily. love it!

Mayonnaise Lamb.. yum yum! the lamb was tender and soft.. juicy and not overcooked. stir fry with the sweet mayonnaise.. perfect!

4 seasons bean…! jus look at the juicy 3 layer pork. how can u resist it!! this is one of the many dishes that still remain in my tastebuds. hahaha! oh.. i mean the 3 layer pork. haha! Scrumptious!

Seafood tofu! it was sent to the wrong table.. i jus snapped it for no reason. hihi!

Butter scotch prawn…! it was milky.. cheesy.. sweet.. addictive.. not to say.. the sauce is thick and creamy.. u can finish the whole big bowl of plain rice jus with the sauce can!!

We ordered 2 person’s portion as we had 7 dishes for 6 of us.. the bill showed RM 92. Reasonable?

As usual.. we were their last customers.. so we got to take picture with the boss! hahahaHA!

After a satisfying dinner.. we then slowly strolled back to our hotel. *winks*

Ruby Restaurant

No.71, Ground and 1st floor,

Jln Kpg Nyabor,

96000 Sibu, Sarawak

Tel : 084 323964/0168905833