Seoul Travel Day 1 : What to eat in Myeondong? Myeondong Street Food Guide!

One of the popular places or things to do in Seoul is definitely Myeongdong Street Food! Top of the list where you can find various of local delicacies in Seoul with a slightly higher price. You can get cheaper and more authentic street food elsewhere but Myeongdong is where conveniences came in. 

If you haven read my Myeongdong Street Food guide 3 years ago, you can click here! Hahaha! 

We will start off with my all time favourite – Gyerangbang! Egg Muffins!


It is a very common street food and you can see it all over korea. Its like your usual muffin with one whole egg inside! Yums! I always love sweet and savory combination and thats why it’s always remain top of my list. 


However, to be honest.. I am not very impressed with the Gyerangbang this time. Not sure if my expectation rises or my taste bud gets hardly to praise nowadays. Hmmm!

Its ok, let me now show you my new love — Hotteok aka Korean Sweet Pancakes. 

edfI used to love this back in the days but I never really get addicted until now. I had more than 3 pieces of hotteok over the trip. Its basically dough filled with brown sugar and nuts or sunflower seeds! Some used honey instead of brown sugar. All are equally noms! 


Mama like the savory one with beef bulgogi fillings. Love it as well! 

edfWe had this thin type i am not sure if thats the same thing but I prefer the thick dough one! woots!

My second new found love of all the street food – Tteokgalbi Meatballs!!



OMG with the white sauce and it just bring me to heaven! the meat is soft and juice.. with a slight smokey aroma and lastly washed down by the yogurt like sauce! I can finish the whole thing by myself!

Dakgangjeong – Sweet Crispy Chicken! Love it. Nothing beats a simple korean fried chicken in the windy day. Needless to say, everyone will love this


Mandoo! Street mandoo is equally nice. No complain about it because they all taste decent


Taiyaki! Its like eating a croissant with fillings! Yums!



Waffles and Ice cream!!!


Cream Puff!! They are all so beautiful~


And the Instagram famous rose shaped ice cream! Not the best ice cream but very Instagram and Facebook worthy.

edf edfMy dessert queen posing for it

edfEven my keren look so cute with it <3<3

Dried Persimmon <3 


Grilled Lobster Tail with Cheese <3


Over price but its not bad

Fire grilled scallop with cheese, lotsa lotsa cheese! 

edf edfLook at how the cheese pulled <3

2017-10-21-00-18-34-402_mh1508512724976 IMG_20171020_214311_mr1508508683004So obsessed with the pipping hot cheese with scallop! 

Brother’s favorite soft shell crab. Hmmmm! 


Pomegranate Juice! Always so refreshing!


However there are things that I highly advise not to try. Not to try as in.. Its below so-so and we cant even finish these! 



Being a big fans of jajangmyeon, im more than excited to queue for this famous jajangmyeon. The queue is long and thus my hope is high. The first mouth totally bring my appetite down. What is this?? Its plain salty, just one layer… I miss my Jajangmyeon! Give me my delicious Jajangmyeon!!



Without the condensed milk, its pure tasteless. Argh!

OK, forget about the bad one and lets focus more on those yummy ones! So that’s my verison of Myeongdong Street Food and I hope you enjoy reading <3