Sibu (Part 1)

Pack Pack Pack and off we go!

Yeah… this is a random decision to go Sibu for makan makan.. a short weekend.. not enuf for shopppin at KL.. not enuf for all those expensive place becoz we only have 2 days.. so.. we all ended up to go Sibu. Just to spend a night together and have fun!


Oh.. see who’s following me!

Mr. Pudding! Say hi to Mr.Pudding!

It took us less than 45 minutes to reach Sibu. OHHH!!! sooooo freaking hot eh!

First thing first when we reached Sibu! FOOD!

For our lunch.. we went to this coffee shop called EMAS CORNER 2002! Its located at the street opposite Wisma San Yang. The Second first i think.

and i think thats the reason they charged us RM 2 per can of drinks! so expensive! hmpf!

Zhao Chai Hu Ngan. Its a foochow delicacy. RM 3. Comment for it.. “too healthy”. u know wad i mean.

Fried Hu Ngan. RM 3.50. It doesnt taste like Fried Hu Ngan. It tasted exactly like a so so fried noodle. =(

Fried Pak Kuey. RM 3.50. The pak kuey is a lil bit soggy.

Lo Mee. RM 3.50. I think my lo mee is the tastiest among them di…

it tasted like kueh chap soup except the soup is thicker.

Next Stop: Wisma San Yan.. Jus across the street!!

The interior is quite nice right.. but the things inside are all quite expensive. Surprisingly.

From the top floor down! *nice*

And when we reached.. hmm.. i don remember which floor isit.. 4th floor if not mistaken.. we passed by Sushi Tie.. i remembered i have read a lot of reviews for Sushi Tie as its quite famous there..

we decided to give it a try~ and.. its a bad decision for doing so.

Ika Lobster Salad. RM 4.30. The flesh or the so called lobster is so overcooked! *sobs*

Teriyaki Maki. RM 4.30. This is by far the best i had in Sushi Tie that day.

Salmon Sushi. RM 3.20. Look how pale the Salmon is.

Salmon Temaki. RM 4.90. Pale Salmon.

Osinko Maki. RM 1 (Promotion) No comment.

Salmon Maki. RM 3.20.

California Maki. RM 4.30.

In short.. i m very Disappointed with all the Sushis.

We stayed until 4 something when we found out everything is expensive there and thats the time we all felt so sien and decided to go out of Wisma San Yang and walked around the town area.

We came to this place.. the famous place for KomPia and all the local delicacies. The Ji Dan Gao here is very nice!! *slurps*

Soon after.. JF found the authentic kompia selling place.. its called….

Seng Kee Agencies! WAH! AGencies!! Gaya betul! hehehe!

Basically.. all the stuff there is like.. Fast Moving Goods.. see.. nothing much left!!

Oh.. they have this very very nice butter… butter bun..? i duno wads that call but.. it extremely yummy. I love butter!

They have 5 different kinds of “bun”

Red bean…



Bai Dou Sai..

and Butter! HANDs Up for BUTTER!

Oh.. not forgetting the FAMOUS KOMPIA!!!!!

Guess how much they bought???!

COUNT ourselves.. the THREE BIG BOXES OF KOMPIA! its ALL KOMPIA trust me!

Jus opposite the Seng Kee Agencies.. that’s the night market… Yea.. its a Night Market.. so morning time.. it will look like this..

We went around the town.. snapped some pictures and jus paced around until the night market opened. oh we realised sth!!

this particular san ya seems to be extremely famous in Sibu Town!

u can see it EVERYWHERE! Groceries shop..

Night Market.. And Even shopping mall! i wonder why!

and the night market..  it started at 6pm and ended at 10pm.

the front part is all the non halal section….

non halal means lotsa PIGGY family!!

*oink oink*

and some local delicacies..

Chicken neck.. perfect with beer.

and some kuey for kids.

Middle part is where they sell all those clothings and bags.. and.. some accessories..

From soft toys… oh..the grey rabbit is so cute when it moves.

to accessories.. JF brought this neng neng lighter! hahaha!

To the bags section!

From Chanel, D&G

to LV…


and all the brandless bags. u named it u got it!

Oh.. see how happy they are..

we came to the final section of the night market.. the back part.. where all the halal food gathers. hohoho! BBQ chicken, fish, nasi lemak… satay…

There are actually a lot of them sitting around and munching their food.. but when JF sit down.. some of them got scared and run away! HAHHAHHAHAH!

Before we left.. we tabaoed some snack.. some roasted porky and beer for supper!

Oh.. we stayed at RH Hotel..

I love that place..

bcoz they have green coloured bottles. *awwww*