Sydney Travel Guide Day 1 : Lavender Bay, Paddy’s Market, Pho Pasteur, El Loco, Mr.Crackles

We finally had it! The unplanned spontaneous trip to Sydney!

So the story came like this, I was taking my 2 months holiday after my previous company and was brainstorming where to have my solo travel/adventure. I chose Darwin at first, thinking of having some fishing trips, cooking some barramundi or just explore this city for a while. A little bit laid back but it means peaceful as well! I somehow mentioned my plans to a best friend of mine during lunch and she was like..

Lao Mao : I need a break from all the dramas in my life
Me : Really? U wanna join? 
Lao Mao : Where? Why la Darwin.. so ulu.. nothing to do.. Go Melbourne lar
Me : Eeee.. how about Sydney? I never been to Sydney lei. And Joey is asking about Perth. Sekali we all go Sydney together?
Lao Mao : Can lei. On nia

So we texted Joey ask if she wanted to Join and less than a day, she say lets go! I am quite amazed actually because its very hard to get travel mates without all the discussions like “no leave” “see how” “no money” “ticket how much” “need to bring how much”. There is no such questions and all we do is.. OK LETS GO. We quickly check the air ticket and airbnb, and get the job done in 2 days! The cheapest air fare we got is from Singapore to Sydney for RM 1400 by Scoot and airbnb a nice and cozy apartment at Lavender Bay for RM 656 per person! WOOOOHOOOOOO!! In less than a week time, Hello Sydney!

20160727_235610_mr1469635369326_resized-horzIt was a midnight flight, and this is how we make ourselves happy at Changi Airport. Honestly, Scoot is actually not bad but we got a lot of noisy passengers and crying babies on board so.. oh well. I still prefer other airlines over budget airlines for flight duration 4 hours and above. But this trip is too random and we need to take care of our pocket too!

20160728_002650_resized 20160728_003210_resizedWhen we arrived Sydney it was already morning. We checked in to our Airbnb which is located at Lavendar Bay, North Sydney. It is just 1 stop to City Center and most importantly, Lavender Bay is famous for the spectacular view! SEE!!


dsc00023 dsc00025 dsc00027Love every bits of our apartment except there is no heating, we were like staying in a fridge for the past 1 week but the view and scenery make it all worth. 

20160728_114939_resizedOh, we bought a bottle of Baileys for our morning shots. Means we had a few shots to get crazy keep us warm every morning before we start our day. But i think Lao Mao finish almost 70% of that bottle herself. Hahaha!

20160728_115958_mr1469718897828_resizedWe made an effort to do #OOTD everyday.. so.. yay! Something to look forward to!

dsc00036 dsc00041Our first stop will be Paddy’s market at CBD. Alight at Central Station and use the light rail. Light Rail will stop directly in front of Paddy’s Market.

dsc00040 dsc00042 dsc00043 dsc00045 dsc00069 dsc00070 dsc00071 dsc00072 dsc00073Paddy’s Market is the best place to buy all your souvenirs, nuts, dried food and groceries. Price are relatively cheaper than anywhere else in Sydney. 

dsc00046 dsc00065Opposite is the Chinatown of Sydney. No we dint eat there. We went to Pho Pasteur, a Vietnamese Restaurant for lunch. It was quite a popular restaurant but for me its very average. I still think Mekong Pho Bo Ga in Melbourne had the best pho. 

dsc00055-horzBeef Pho. Not the most tender one but its alright

dsc00062-vertSummer rolls are average. Broken rice is ok. 

dsc00066We continue our shopping at another section of Paddy’s Market and Market City. Remember, buy all your souvenirs there.

Sydney is even more impressively beautiful during the evening. Our evening walk from Paddy’s Market to Surry Hills is a heart catching one. We often just stop by and enjoy the breeze and the colours of the surroundings. 

20160728_155135_resized_meitu_3 20160728_155514_resized_meitu_5Hello Sydney! Enjoy the breeze but not that strong wind ok!

dsc00082 dsc00084 dsc00085 dsc00113Beautiful stroll

dsc00089So Surry Hills is the place where this humble Mexican Restaurant is situated. 

dsc00091El Loco, they served their own brewed and draft beers and all sorts of tacos. 

20160728_163014_mr1469718447958_resizedWe headed to the outside because it was overly crowded inside. Thanks to the heater, we barely wanna move after we settle down. So cozy and warm!!

20160728_162958_mr1469719716509_resizedAloha from El Loco! 

dsc00094Oh ya! We came here for the secret taco!! Don ask me what is the secret taco because its still remain a secret until today. But its a big yums! 
 dsc00100Chicken wings are light and crispy as well

20160728_163238_mr1469719826362_resizedOh did i mention Beer? 

We were stuffed. So fully we would barely move but we decided to follow our plan for the roasted pork skin. Mr. Crackles at Darlinghurst!

dsc00105 dsc00106It is a takeaway shop selling pork and lamb.. and not to forget, the cracklings!!


We were so full so we decided to bring back to our apartment as supper… pipping hot braised lamb, roast meat and the cracklings. AND YOU KNOW WHAT?

dsc00116It’s almost frozen! The excess oil of the meat is already coagulate after a 15 mins walk!