Sydney Travel Guide Day 2 : Sydney Fish Market, Circular Quay, The Rocks Market, Bar Luca

Day 2 in Sydney and it will be the iconic Sydney Fish Market Day! We woke up kind of early that particular day, had simple breakfast as we always do every morning because the ingredients is just simply fresh not to cook for your own!

gomeihuatemp_mh1469745658802#OOTD We somehow bought the cute hair tie at Singapore planning to wear it together today but… errr…. Not really suit me and lao mao so we took it off right after we had our OOTD pic.

Sydney Fish Market is the world’s largest fish market that sits on the Blackwattle Bay foreshore in Pyrmont, 2km west of the Sydney CBD. There are divided into a few sections, the fishing port, wholesale fishes, seafood retail market and some eateries. Just go to the eateries is good enough.

How to go: Go to the Central Station and catch a Sydney Light rail straight to Sydney Fish market

dsc00119 dsc00121 dsc00122Whether you like markets or not you will definitely love Sydney Fish Market, it is clean and magnificent; I bet you drool on the way till the end. These are a few sections of the seafood eateries;

dsc00123 dsc00124 dsc00125 dsc00126 dsc00127Our first stop will be the Fish Market Café. You can never miss this café because it’s right at the entrance; they have varieties of seafood grilled and BBQ. Choose whatever you like or you can opt for the platter.

20160729_072842_mr1469754678855 dsc00128 dsc00131We had the sharing platter so we can sample a little bit of each. FYI, portion of the French fries is incredibly big!

After the heavily grilled and fried food, let’s go for something raw and fresh! THIS!

dsc00132 dsc00133 dsc00134 dsc00135 dsc00136 dsc00137All kinds of seafood that can be served raw, we had sea urchin and scampi shrimp.

dsc00140-horzOh-so-sweet you scampi shrimp!!

20160729_075502_mr1469750426769Do you like my scampi shrimp earrings? They are crystal jelly bright orangey!

Next up is everyone’s favourite, CHEESEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dsc00149 dsc00151#yesweboughtquitealot

We finished off the Sydney Fish Market trip with a beautiful view of the eating section outside which is now too cold to enjoy and their meat section at the other side of the market.

dsc00153 dsc00158 dsc0015920160729_084747_mh1469754788419Just want to show you these awesome freshly made sausages!!!

We proceed to Circular Quay station from Central Station to stop by The Rocks Market.  It is a weekend market so be sure to visit only on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays.

20160729_103056_mr1469806815698_resized dsc00164-tiledsc00166 dsc00168_pWe passed by the stroll at Circular Quay and this is the place where you came for the Harbour Bridge sighting and Sydney Opera House. For sure we will be coming again but as for today, we will give our priority to the weekend market. 

This is The Rocks Weekend Market.

dsc00169dsc00170 dsc00171 dsc00173We bought some nuts from the Turkish vendor and he gave us his hometown speciality snacks! We thought it would be overly sweet but it was surprisingly yummy! Baklava, it will be one of our top favourite desserts from now on.

We then try out the famous German sausage.

dsc0017820160729_110310_mr1469806645629_resizedA simple sausage bun with a squeeze of mustard and chili is enough to fulfill our taste bud. That will be our best sausages throughout the whole Sydney trip.

The market wasn’t as big as we expected. We finish touring and exploring the market in less than half an hour so we decided to grab a drink at the nearby café while waiting for dinner time to meet up with our high school friend, Ben.

20160729_111345_mr1469762381030 dsc00180We had cheese macaroni balls and it was very mediocre.

20160729_114446_mh1469806908835_resizedBut the waiter is simply so sweet. Hahaha!

DINNER TIME!! We have been eating the whole day. Ben suggested a place called Bar Luca. It was along the Philip St nearby Museum of Sydney in walking distance from Circular Quay.

dsc00190 dsc00193Walking on street of Sydney is never depressing. Just by looking at the beautiful architectural building, mesmerizing! — Sydney Town Hall

dsc00182We had this scrumptious horse cut sweet potato wedges and it just blow our mind! Now when you asked three of us what we miss the most in Sydney: SWEET POTATO FRIES

dsc00186The lamb riblets is a bomb too, served with tomato, chili, garlic and lemon. Not too zesty but a touch of lemon does help us to wash down oiliness of the lamb. Don’t get me wrong, lamb is just as impressive. The riblets are grilled to perfection with a slightly charred layer but juicy inside. I can even chao down the whole plate of lamb by myself.

dsc00181-horzClassic Beef Burger and Bar Luca Beef Burger, I think all the burgers are the star.

dsc00188Ben wants more. He had the set of Chicken Karaage Burger with Fried Chicken! OK next time I know what to order! And, get the Stone and Wood Draught beer! MUST

20160729_200516_mr1469806996758_resized dsc00191We end up fabulous night with dessert! Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café.

20160729_200121_mr1469806568969_resizedThanks Ben Ben for the time! Great catch up with lotsa laughters!