TaiChung : CingJing Farm 清境农场

I might look different in this post because this trip was last year around October 2014. YES, I change my make up style and contact lens every year so I basically look slightly different every year. Hahahaha! After this post, I will be updating my 2015 September trip to Taiwan. Stay tune for my different face!

Basically you can go to CingJing Farm from other part of Taiwan but going from Taichung is the nearest. So here we are, slotting one day in TaiChung for the CingJing Farm. 

DSC07790_pGood Morning peeps!! We engaged a cab driver to drive us to and back CingJing Farm around the cost of NTD 4000. The cab driver is a very nice guy, polite and helpful, we even bring us for some traditional breakfast before we start our journey.

DSC07793The famous Yong He breakfast. We’ve been to this famous breakfast chain outlet for a few times di because I guess they open really early like 6am. 

DSC07794The signature, salted soya bean milk with fried dough. 

DSC07797Some egg pancake..DSC07796And my favourite fluffy mantou! OMG I just love mantou! Yes it’s basically steamed bun. Empty bun but for me, there’s still some sweetness in the bun! Yums! 

It took us about 2 hours to reach CingJing Farm. Yay! Food again! 

DSC07799Here, you can find a lot of authentic Yunnan dishes because majority of the people staying here are Yunnans. 

DSC07800We had the stir fried mutton with local vegetables Yunnan style! 

DSC07801Some braised pork rice with some local vegetables

DSC07804Bamboo shoot soup

DSC07803and some snacks like sausage wrap with glutinous rice..

DSC07972and white wine sausages with different toppings and i choose garlic and corn! Yums!

DSC07807There’s this famous pizza that everyone tried but I’ll give it a pass.

So we started our CingJing Farm adventure here!

DSC07809A big map to show how big is the place and each different sections with different activities. 

DSC07808 DSC07820_p_pIt’s already so beautiful once we entered the farm! 

DSC07859 DSC07908 DSC07910Falling in love with the calm and soothing prairie. 

DSC07889 DSC07906Green prairie, blue sky, cool breeze.. whats better?

DSC07865_pYea of coz, selfie! A lot a lot of selfie i mean..

DSC07851_p DSC07867_pPardon me, it’s a sin not to take photos in such magnificent place!

There’s a lot of sheep.. like really a lot of sheep just loitering around.. Around as in the whole mountain..


DSC07831And a small section where there are horses, donkeys and ponies for you to take photo with or even to take a ride with. 

DSC07836_pI’m so gonna do what I always do. Selfie with this beautiful horse

DSC07839Bearfie with a pony

DSC07840Papa wants a photo with his horse too!

Just take a second to enjoy the scenery.. But please do take a proper look before you lay down or sit down because there’s a lot of sheeps around means there’s poo around as well.

DSC07856We took our time just to sit there and stare at this beautiful scenery in front of us. Somehow, an opportunity to just enjoy the nature is not something we get to have often. 

DSC07896Look at the view, the mountain, the cliff, the slopes, the prairies, the animals… I smell freedom!


DSC07878_pAfter the relaxing “picnic” without food.. we went to the other section for some more sheeps.

DSC07939This is like hell lot of sheeps walking around you. 

A souvenir shop, outlet selling sheep related snacks and a vending machine with sheeps’ snacks. 

DSC07916Just bought a package to feed them but please please please be extra careful.. those sheeps will really rush to you and snatch the food. hahaha. Someone being careless as you can see.

DSC07917So now i had my packaged sheep food! So cute right..

DSC07920 DSC07925_pand I had my sheep

DSC07913We also tried the goat’s milk ice cream and it is too heavy for me. Both of themmmm.. 

DSC07945 DSC07947So when the bell rings, means show starting soon. Everyone gathered at the center of the farm for the show..

DSC07954 DSC07958Interesting one.. with the sheep dog trained, you can see the whole herd of sheeps running downwards. 

DSC07950 DSC07964 DSC07967 DSC07968They also have this very experienced sheep keeper to show us how to do sheep shearing..

The show lasted for around 1 hour and we were directed to another side of the farm for more shows if we are interested.

DSC07976_p DSC07973Of coz, why not! I totally feel like Pocahontas while walking at such high ground..

DSC07989So we arrived at this area for a performance from the aborigines with their horses!

DSC07980 DSC07987Such big horses you have huh!!! They just galloped in front of me.. so near so stunning!

We left the farm after the horse adventure. Grab some drinks at this very nice paper box themed restaurant

DSC07990 DSC07991 DSC07993Impressive. Everything is made from paper box!

DSC07995_pEven our take away drinks!

There’s also a swiss garden but we skipped because it’s almost closing time. We headed back to TaiChung with our happiness level full. DSC07999 DSC08000 DSC08003_p DSC08005_pAnd of coz, more photos!




For more information about CingJing Farm, here’s the official website : http://www.cingjing.gov.tw/