Taichung : Feng Jia Night Market 台中逢甲夜市

Night markets have become one of the most powerful tourist attraction in Taiwan. There are more than hundreds of night markets throughout the whole Taiwan. Be it big or small, they are equally popular. One of the largest and busiest night market will be Feng Jia Night Market in Taichung. Why largest? Its literally like a small township already. Not only food, Feng Jia night market is also one of the famous spot for shopping, games and snacks. Everything that you can think of, they probably have it.. somemore things in FengJia Night Market is so much cheaper than Ximending or Shihlin Night Market or any market in Taipei. In short, things in Taichung are generally so much cheaper.

Tips about Taichung :

1. Food and shopping are cheaper as compared to Taipei.

2. FengJia Night Market is a must go in Taichung

3. There is hardly any train service so either you stay near FengJia Night Market for conveniences or just grab a cab

4. Taichung is full of motorbikes. Be careful when you cross the road.

5. Places of interest and those beautiful scenery locations are far from each other. Unlike Taipei, you can visit a few places in a day but in Taichung, the most you can go is two locations. All tourist spot is far from each other.

So back to FengJia Night Market.. Largest night market in Taiwan, established along the four main road in Taichung, Wen-Hua Road, FengJia Road, Fuxing Road and Xi’an Street…easily more than 200 stalls in the area. 

DSC07729Lucky for me, I stayed just opposite FengJia Night Market. Right opposite as in like.. 30 seconds from the doorstep to FengJia Night Market. Its how near my place is. Hehehe! 

DSC08007 DSC08030Hello FengJia Night Market.. 

DSC07733I love those soft toy machines in Taiwan. I tried in FengJia Night Market as usual and i got myself a bear, a rabbit and another bear. Hahahaha!! OMG SO HAPPY!!

DSC07739It is always very challenging for me to write about night markets.. because.. so many distractions. Food, shopping, more food, more shopping.. and when you are eating or planning to eat, you tend to forgot to take any pictures of it. Hahahaha! So everything you see after this sentence will be all pictures of food and stalls. Just a rough idea of how Feng Jia Night Market look like. 

PHOTOS and MORE PHOTOS.DSC07734Grilled Prawns.. Grilled Oysters and Grilled Squid..


DSC07736Charcoal roasted german pork knuckles

DSC07738 DSC07741Fried Milk/Chicken Roll

DSC07743 DSC07744The famous papaya milk

DSC07745 DSC07746The stall with the third longest queue in FengJia — Fried Noodles Bun

DSC07747Grilled Mongolian Lamb/ Roasted Pork Knuckles/ Grilled Beef

DSC07748The stall with the longest queue… and also the best smelly tofu i’ve ever tried in my whole life so far… a slight tea aroma and the pungent smelly tofu! Yums!! 


DSC07753Juicy Chicken Roll!

DSC07751The authentic sausage roll!! I love!

DSC07752Bubble Milk with Sago

DSC07758 DSC07759Grilled seafood/ Korean Fried Chicken

DSC07760 DSC07761 DSC07762The lazy prawn. You can eat the whole thing

DSC07768The oden shop. Im a big fans of oden. There’s no way i can escape from this

DSC07764All sorts of ingredients. So excited when i saw all these!
DSC07766 DSC07767Fish and vege cake! Love it. The soup is so sweet and all the ingredients are freshly made! I finish the whole bowl by myself. Just cant help it! hehe

DSC07769Salted Fried Mushroom/ Fried Squid Balls/ Fried Squid

DSC07771Braised meat, braised organs and braised veges

DSC07775Pig Treasure Box!

DSC07777A layered of fried pork chop, corn, ham, broccoli cabbages and topped with cheese sauce! Yum!


DSC08033Grilled Squid!

DSC07780Korean stick ice cream!DSC07781even guys love them. 
DSC07784Cheese chicken chop!

DSC07787Pork blood cake! one of my favourite snack in Taiwan. Not as bad as it sounds its actually glutinous rice with some pork blood. and topped with peanuts, coriander and the sauce of your choice — garlic sauce, sweet sauce, spicy sauce or just.. no sauce.DSC07789Fried noodles bun/ chicken wings stuffed with rice

DSC08006Taiwan pancake!

DSC07763It’s halloween soon.. so.. you can see people start dressing up.DSC08034Even the ice cream seller! Hahahaha~



And this is by far the crowded night market I’ve ever been ~ You just have to squueze through after 8pm. hohoho!!