TaiChung : Sun Moon Lake 台中日月潭

It was a very random decision to visit the Sun Moon Lake (日月潭)in TaiChung. Initially it was not in the plan because we opt to rest on the first day of arrival. After the satisfying lunch we had at Big Juicy Goose (阿秋大肥鹅), the taxi driver suggested we should go to Sun Moon Lake as the day is still early and he offered a quite a reasonable package for the next day tour (end up to be not as reasonable then)

So here we go, to Sun Moon Lake! One of the disadvantages I would consider when going for day tour is the time consumed. In TaiChung, every tourist attractions take about 3 to 4 hours back and fourth. So tiring! Tips : Its always better to hire a cab for day tour then to follow the travel agency group tours! *teehehehe*

DSC07641The cab driver drop us at the ShueiShe Pier (水社码头)where you can buy a boat ticket to go on the Sun Moon Lake tour. NTD 300 per adult and it stops at the two major piers for visiting. 

DSC07648This is our boat. Not too beautiful but its ok. hahaha!

DSC07649This is the Sun Moon Hotel (日月旅馆), it is said to be the most expensive hotel in TaiChung Region. One night is around NTD 100K with gold plated bathroom. 🙂

DSC07683Now the first stop is the Syunguang Temple Pier. (玄光寺码头)

DSC07662_pApart from the Syunguang Temple, which i dint go because you have to climb way up to it and I am lazy, Herbal Egg is the famous recommended food to try at that stop.

DSC07653They are selling the herbal eggs like its free. Everyone its like snatching for it

DSC07656For me, I think it was just so so. The herbs dint even infused into the egg >.<

Other than that, Syunguang Temple pier is also one of the best location to overlook the whole Sun Moon Lake…

DSC07665So beautiful right.

DSC07667_pAnd the signature stone for Sun Moon Lake!

DSC07685_pWe stayed for about 15 minutes and proceed to the next pier

DSC07715Ito Thao Pier (伊达邵码头). Ito Thao Pier is the village of the Thao Aborigines (邵族). Of coz, it is more interesting because they have more local food here. Food excites me! 

DSC07686Local street food mostly themed with the Thao Aborigines.

DSC07687Wild boar meat bun. It is written in the map that you should try.

DSC07688Hot steamy buns! Can I have just the buns? *blink blink*

DSC07689This wild boar meat bun is one of my favourite. Hot steamy buns with braised wild boar meat, lots grated peanuts, signature sauce, coriander leaves, onions and a slice of cheese. Yum yum yum!

DSC07698_pAt the same stall, they have this Thao’s signature fried chicken… Oh so tiny! 

DSC07695Second up is the Thao’s rice wine mochi! Roasted mochi toasted with peanuts.

DSC07699_pI love as well… crunchy on the outside with a very strong sweetness and texture from the grated peanuts and inside, a very mild and comfortable taste of rice wine mochi. Served hot please!

DSC07697Not forgetting the very kind lady boss give me a shot of their traditional Thao’s rice wine! Really give me a punch! Mad love!

DSC07704Along side, you can buy souvenirs from the Thao’s, charcoal peanuts, rice wine, tea leaves are among the famous one. Oh… we met Michael when we were buying the charcoal peanuts. Hello Michael.

DSC07710Oh did i say tea leaves? This is the Red Tea Ice Cream! Grab and Go! It is a very nice experience loitering around the village, at least for me. You can opt to go to the Rope-way if the time allows but we give it a pass this time. Maybe next time? Maybe not. “)