Tainan Travel Guide 2 : Anping Old Street, WuSheng Night Market, Du Xiao Yue, Lan Yang Yang Minsu 安平老街,武圣夜市,度小月,懒洋洋民宿

So if you have not read my previous blog post on Tainan Must Eat, please click here:

Tainan Must Eat

Last November, we flew to Kaohsiung from Singapore. We reach Kaohsiung airport and immediately bought a train ticket to Tainan, which is less than an hour ride from Kaohsiung. Our itinerary for this Taiwan trip will be Tainan – Chiayi – Kaohsiung and thats explain why we decided to go to Tainan as our first stop.

Transportation is easy in Taiwan, you can easier travel from one region to another via the high speed train or a normal train. And what they always say; grab a train bento before you board the train!

The train bento turned out to be not as impressive as the convenient store food. I guess I would give it a pass next time. Oh, just in case you are wondering, i had pork chop rice.

We arrived shortly and then checked in to our minsu aka Taiwanese style airbnb. I highly recommended this place because of the excellent 9/10 location to all the major food street and the owner is beyond friendly and helpful. She guided us to all major eateries and even bought us her favourite cake. Most importantly, she is good in taking pictures and will offer to take pictures for us all the time. Thanks Mama Yang! Here’s the link to the accommodation.

After tonnes of photo session, we went to the famous restaurant in Tainan — Du Xiao Yue. They have a lot of branches all across Taiwan but Tainan is the originality of Du Xiao Yue, so lets go!

We ordered 8 dishes to start off this Tainan trip…

  1. Signature shoulder pole noodle 度小月担子面

The name of the noodle came from the way it was served 100 years ago. They used to sell this noodle at the shoulder pole cart ages ago so they remain the culture and set up the noodles cooking station just like before at the main entrance of the shop.

Today, the improved version of Danzi Noodles consist of beansprout, cilantro, minced garlic paste, vinegar, prawn and homemade special minced pork paste. I personally love this and will definitely come back for more

2. Minced Pork Rice 卤肉饭

3. Pork Oil Rice 猪油拌饭

4. Baked Karasumi/Baked salted mullet roe 乌鱼子

Karasumi is a food product made by salting the mullet roe and drying it under the sun. This is one of the specialty in Taiwan as well. Karasumi is consider one of the rich man food.

How does it taste? Its salty and slightly a little bit fishy. If you cant take fishy food, you wont like this. I think its ok to have a lil bit of this but too much ended up too overpowering. I can feel like my mouth is full of raw fishes. hahaha!

5. Fried Intestine stuffed with Onion 酥炸肥肠

Not too bad. One of the disadvantages for small group eater is that… the portion is very big

6. Pepper and salt prawn balls 椒盐虾球

7. Grilled MilkFish 碳烤虱目鱼

My personal favourite goes to the grilled milk fish. Being the top fish in Tainan, you can never go wrong with grilled milk fish. Milk fish is soft and fat. Perfect amount of fish fat melting in your mouth. Must try!

8. Signature Beancurd Pudding 度小月豆花

We end our meal with their signature beancurd pudding. Smooth and not overly sweet!

We then went back to our apartment to have a rest before starting our food hunt again. Flying can be tiring sometimes so its best to have enough rest so you can fully enjoy the trip

We continue our food hunt around evening time at the famous local food street — Guo Hua Street. I’ve dedicated a special post for the food street here. Most of the stall is closed by then so we came back the next morning for breakfast before proceeding to our day 2 plan.

After our breakfast, we went to another popular area in Tainan known as the Anping District aka the anping fort. The place is huge but we can easily find our starting route — The An ping old street! Food always came first!

We saw this very cute ice cream vendor selling ice cream with a game. You just need to spin the roulette to see if you are entitled free scoops of ice cream.

And tada!! lucky me. I hit the bingo which is 2 extra scoops of ice cream!

Then we came across this crackers shop selling hot press seafood crackers. So basically they hot press the whole seafood in a machine and made it into huge cracker!

I had prawn cracker!

Grilled Pork Stick

This is one good stuff and we bought quite a few flavor to try! High recommended

And we came across this fresh guava juice. Please buy! We ended up buying 5 bottles of this.

They have a map for the whole an ping area and you just need to walk to your preferred route to try the food that you desire

One of the thing that we want to try is the almond tofu pudding.

Not the best but its ok!

and then to the must try raw beef soup at an ping district – Ah Chai Beef Soup 阿财牛肉汤

We ordered the signature local freshly sliced raw beef soup. Like the Tainan style, they poured the hot soup into a bowl of freshly sliced raw beef and violaaa! The verdict is that all the meat they used for this type of raw beef soup never went through the freezing process.

Means they slaughter the cow and they use the meat immediately. That is why the beef is sweet and crunchy.

Braised beef noodles. Its ok for me because i don fancy braised beef noodles.

Minced pork rice. Everywhere in Taiwan!

We took a walk nearby and enjoy the scenery. also for the food to digest. Too much food need some walking too.

And lastly… The an ping fort! Bye bye anping. There are still a lot of delicacies at Anping district such as fish skin soup and so on but our tummy is just too full.

Back to our apartment, took a rest and off to the night market in Kaohsiung. I love night markets… and maybe thats the reason why you will see night markets at every different region I visited.

There’s a slogan in Tainan for the operating days of their night markets. Unlike most of the region in Taiwan, not all of their night markets open daily, so they have to use the slogan to remember which night markets open on which day.

【 大大武花大武花 】for 【Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun】

Mon – 大东夜市 Da Dong Night Market
Tue – 大东夜市 Da Dong Night Market
Wed – 武圣夜市 Wu Sheng Night Market
Thu – 花园夜市 Garden Night Market
Fri – 大东夜市 Da Dong Night Market
Sat – 武圣夜市 Wu Sheng Night Market
Sun – 花园夜市 Garden Night Market

So people went to the respective night market on different days. It was Wednesday night so we went to Wu Sheng Night Market.

  1. Fried Meat 爆肉

A simple deep fried meat but its so tender. Surprisingly good.

2. Fried dough coated with sugar 白糖糕

A very traditional childish snack in Tainan. Just a simple fried dough coated with sugar. You cant get this anywhere in other parts of Taiwan. I love this a lot. Simple yet addictive

3. Glutinous rice sausage with grilled Taiwanese sausage 大肠包小肠

Well known and widely broadcast among TV shows, this particular stall sell glutinous rice sausage and grilled taiwanese sausage.

You can add the sides such as marinated onions and cucumber at your own liking.

4. Baked Drumstick in kiln 土窑鸡腿

The selling point of the drumstick is baking them in a kiln. Its much tender and juicy as normal oven baked chicken

5. Pumpkin balls 地瓜球

Pumpkin balls is a perfect snack while scrolling at night market. Its very hollow at the same time sweet and fluffy.

6. Grilled Oyster 烤鲜蚵

7. Braised chicken parts 卤味

There’s a stall selling all the braised chicken parts. I’ve tried chicken comb many years ago which i do not like but decided to give it a try again.

Texture is soft and gummy and I still do not like it. HAHAHAHA

8. Duck Specialty shop 东山鸭头

Fried Duck Head! I like!

And this ended our night here. My travel is always full of food! <3

till then!

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