Taroko National Park 太鲁阁国家公园


We went to Taroko National Park (太鲁阁国家公园)finally. Had been quite reluctant to go since it sounds like a very touristy place but since we were in Hualien, needless to think much, lets go! We hired a taxi to bring us around.. She is such a wonderful lady.. If you guys need her contact, do pm me. She charged NTD 2500 per day to go to Chihsingtan Beach and Taroko National Park and she is definitely a very wonderful tour guide. Not only she introduced a lot about Hualien, she has the humour and she is very helpful. Miss Zhen we addressed her as. And the most important thing and a plus point to hire a taxi to go Taroko National Park rather than to follow the tour is…. you dont have to walk a lot! She will just drop you to each point and you can stay as long as you want. No time restraint! 

DSC07261So here we go.. There’s actually quite a lot of stop points or you can call it attractions in Taroko National Park, we chose to stop by a few just for the view and photos!

DSC07268_pTo Taroko National Park (太鲁阁国家公园). We were there early so it was not too packed with tourists yet. Hohoho! Lucky us!

DSC07275First stop is the Taroko Valley (太鲁阁峡谷) . Say hi to my Baby girl ahzui <3 Yes, she is always with us. hohoho! *she can sit still hor*

DSC07329Second stop we went to the Shakadang Trail (砂卡铛布道)… Such a beautiful place isnt it. And of coz, we didn’t walk all the way, just a 15 minutes scroll to take some pictures!

DSC07324Hehehehehehe! I’m here for the pictures only. *weee*

DSC07336Third stop, the ChangChun Temple (长春祠).. Yea the one opposite…

DSC07340My cute mama papa doing the usual selfie.. with ah zui too!

DSC07344We didnt really walk to the temple.. but instead, Miss Zhen drop us at the ChangChun Bridge (长春桥)… 


DSC07345We walked through the bridge and enjoy the breeze with such spectacular scenery..

DSC07350_pNot forgetting the pathway to ChangChun Temple.. something cave like!

Skip! Fourth Stop — The Swallow Grotto Trail! (燕子口)


DSC07373Here, we will need to rent a helmet. Helmet is free of charge, its for safety purposes because theres cases with dropping stones around that area. 

DSC07391_pWe were lucky, or i should say Miss Zhen is thoughtful enough. She purposely chose the opposite direction of path so that we wouldn’t be squeezing with buses of tourists. Thank You Miss Zhen.

It was around half past 11 and we decided to go for lunch. Oh nom nom nom* Theres some restaurant on the hillside which served the local ethnic food! MingShan Restaurant (明山餐厅)


DSC07419Menu for reference.

DSC07423Bamboo shoot soup. Theres a lot of bamboo shoot in Hualien i realised. I think for these few days in Hualien, i’ve eaten the most bamboo shoot in my entire life. Hahahahahhaahhaa!

DSC07425Braised pork rice. Nini’s favourite

DSC07427Rice wine taiwanese sausages.

DSC07430Bamboo rice with peanuts and sauce.

DSC07433Oh… really have to eat with the sauce and peanuts. Sooooo good!! 

DSC07435Seafood fried noodle. So so jek

DSC07432Hakka Stir Fry. Not too bad too

After the very quick lunch, we proceed to the fifth stop

DSC07438XiangDe Temple Bridge (祥德寺). Nothing Interesting for me, we stayed less than 3 minutes. Hehehe

DSC07445_pand the next one is the exciting one…! 

DSC07448The suspension footbridge (锥麓吊桥).. the notice says it only can accommodate 8 person in a row. OMG!! I thought it was kinda fun until i reached the middle and the bridge is very shaky so as both my legs!!! I could barely stand straight. Oh my God..!!! Do you know how high it is.. No No.. you dont know and i am too chicken to even took a photo of it. Huhuhuhu!!! scaryyyyyyy neiii….. I can’t finish the footbridge because my legs are really shaky. hoho. Go back to the ground..

DSC07451I believe this was the Liwu River (立雾溪)?

Last stop will be the YueWang Temple (岳王寺)…. It looks like a pavilion to me rather than the temple..

DSC07458Beautiful place…

DSC07460Liwu River (立雾溪)again?? I don’t know. All the river look almost the same.. huhuhu!

DSC07462_pNevermind lets wefie first 🙂

DSC07476Selfie stick is important during Travelling. Teeheheheheh!!

DSC07478_pLast but not least, the ZhongHeng Main Road (中横公路) before we go off! 

DSC07482This is our comfortable cab to snooooooooze in for the 4 hours ride back to Hualien! Thats all for Taroko National Park~ Chao!