The beautiful Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Kyoto!

The top list for Kyoto sight seeing. To be honest, it is not as magnificent as those you see in Google. However, being able to just soak in the bamboo grove far away from the many days of exploring the city, it feels good.

One important tip, not the whole route is as beautiful, there’s only one section, one small path and when you reach there,  you are like.. Oh its here!! The path I saw in Google!! YES trust me, if you missed that particular path, emo la you. So please take note.. you just follow the pathway and walk straight… until you reach a junction where you can see a small shrine at your left side. Just right before the shrine, there’s a pathway heading left. THATS the path! 

googlebg-ffffffUgly map provided by me. Hope it helps!

Ok so how to go to Arashiyama bamboo grove. First, you have to go to Arashiyama from Kyoto Station by Train. We kinda overshot the station so we stop at the next station and took the opposite direction train to go there. hahaha! But its ok, the beautiful scenery at the wrong station makes us happy too!

DSC00321DSC00337 DSC00347And finally! Hello peaceful little town! 

As usual, we vowed we gonna woke up early in the morning and explore of the places but in the end, same old timing, we headed out from home at 1pm. We grabbed our pre-brunch at the convenient stall before we reach this beautiful place..

DSC00319We were hungry by then, search around for something light and this outlet seems to be the most convenient one..

DSC00323Located just outside the entrance to the bamboo grove!

DSC00329We ordered Mackerel soba, curry udon, spicy oden soup, yuba (tofu skin sashimi), grilled chicken stick, fried chicken and 2 unsweetened soy milk. 

DSC00325I especially ordered the yuba because soy product like tofu. yuba, soy milk is very popular in Kyoto. Yuba is the tofu skin, we ordered the raw one. So yums!!! Its very light in flavour but you still can taste the mild sweetness of the tofu skin. Loving it!

20160218_135646_mr1455780957063Everyone around looking at us like an eating monster because most of the people.. or i should say all of them just ordered a dish each. for us, we had 7 dishes for 3 of us. Muahaha!

DSC00331So its time to explore! If you are too lazy to walk, there’s this so call trishaw thing to rent too!

We walked the whole path and with a bit of disappointment, it doesnt really look stunning. Dont get me wrong, its beautiful, but not as wow as what the internet show..

20160218_144647_pWefie! We used 3 types of devices to take photos so quality differs. hahaha!

20160218_142613_mr1455780913210Plucking my white hair in the middle of the woods bamboo grove!

We walked till the end and realised we should try the path beside the shrine, like i told you. And to the greatest happiness!!


DSC00341_p DSC00342_p DSC00345_pAWWWW!! I just wanna sit on the ground and enjoy the place!

BUT its too crowded. Cant even take a photo with a nice clear empty view. Its just too many ppl and we literally just gave up!

20160218_144508_p 20160218_144547_mr1455782908097_mh1455783047024 IMG-20160223-WA0072Asked a nice english couple to take a photo for us and thats it. End of the day! hahaha! (Magic alike effect its from Tracy’s iphone. So wow duno how the effect came from!!)

DSC00339Oh.. there’s some very talented artist selling his drawings there. How impressive right~

So.. what’s next? Time for some good quality conveyor belt sushi? Jeng jeng jeng!