The Luxury of Phnom Penh : Eclipse Sky Bar vs Naga World Entertainment World

A two month overdue post. Hehehe! Starting off with the luxurious side of Phnom Penh so that it wont always started like a very poor and dirty country whenever you read about Phnom Penh Cambodia. But eventually YES, we reached Phnom Penh, spent the days in Phnom Penh with a very humble lifestyle, just like you’ve imagined, very dusty, road is packed with cars, we walking around like everyone staring at us like we are aliens and everything seems so ‘third world country’ until the last night of our trip. 

DSC01180Last night of Phnom Penh, we decided to visit their Sunset Bar, located on the 23rd floor of the Phnom Penh Tower at Monivong Blvd, walking distance from our hotel but trust me, nobody want to walk… We reached there at about 6pm, thinking that OMG we are not in time for the Sunset, rushed up to the Eclipse Sky Bar and just right before our eyes —- THE BEAUTIFUL SUNSET!


DSC01138_Kind enough, the bartenders settled us at the best spot for Sunset. and awkward part is.. you can see every single camera shooting at your direction — Just because the sunset is right behind us. Hohohoho!! Super model feel ok! So.. pink sunset! How pretty…

DSC01133Not only the Sunset is magnificent, the view to the whole Phnom Penh city is breathtaking.. Now, just keep quiet and spend a few moments to admire the picturesque city. 


One of the place I recommended as a must go in Phnom Penh, because after days of exploring the old city, being through all the emotional breakdowns of the history of Genocide s21, experienced how the folks survived in this country, its time to wipe away all the sorrows and come back to civilisation! That’s what travelling is all about right.
DSC01141_Here, you can finally see the same people like you. You feel safe, in the sense like nobody care about you like your previous days in PP. And.. the lighting is perfect for selfie.. and wefie!!!




DSC01164Love the enviroment, its beautiful, its relaxing, its chilling and.. you feel awesome drinking at the top of Phnom Penh! Hohohohoho!

DSC01170We spend almost 2 hours chit chatting at the sky bar, not willing to go off even though our tummy is growling.

The night scene is simply astounding. 

DSC01177Eclipse Sky Bar is indeed impressive. A totally different experience in Phnom Penh. We headed to our dinner — Tinat Restaurant for some authentic Cambodian food before we settled down to Naga World Casino. 

DSC01202So we have the luxury night at Phnom Penh for the last day. I believed it is the only entertainment world out there because you can see all the tourists scrambled here… Now, this sounds like the typical vacation! hohohohoho!


DSC01224No passport needed for Casino entrance because the casino is just located at the lobby uncovered.. However, no photos are allowed..

DSC01228 DSC01226Don ask me why I have the these photos. Hehehe!

To sum up the night, Sky bar is awesome. Casino is boring. WHY? 1.) I dont gamble 2) Even if I wanted to play, the minimal bet is USD 25. Hahahahaha!! Budget trip ok!