Things you need to know before you go Maldives

Hello! Just came back from a 5D4N trip to Maldives and here I am sharing some tips for you guys. Here are some general sharing or things you need to know before you go Maldives. I hope it helps in your future trip planning to Maldives


1. There is no need a Visa to enter Maldives. You only need to fill up the visa on arrival

2. Maldives is a 100% Muslim country. There is no pork and beer available in the main island but alcohol and pork is served in private island.

3. Bikini is not allowed in the main island. Only allowed at beach area or private island.

4. Male, Maafushi and Hulhumale are public island. Maafushi is the main public island people goes to.

5. Male is a town that you can skip totally. 

6. Airport is located at Hulhumale. You can go to Male with the public ferry for USD 1 but like I say, you can totally skip male. Hulhumale beach is so much nicer.

7. No ferry boat or speed boat service after 3pm daily. So if you arrived at Maldives after 3pm, stay at a nice budget hostel at Hulhumale.

8. There is no public ferry on a Friday. So if you want to save on transportation and use public ferry instead of speed boat, don’t travel on Friday.

9. Public ferry from Hulhumale to Maafushi is around USD 3 but it took 1 hour 45 mins. Speed boat is USD 25 and it took half and hour. You can book speed boat from icom tours (

10. You have to prebook speed boat to secure the travels. Or ask the reception to reserve for you

11. Maldivian are generally friendly, helpful and approachable. 

12. Maldives are generally very safe country

13. Famous Maldivian food will be Mashuni (tuna, onion, coconut chopped finely and mixed well) for breakfast and tuna curry for others

14. You will eat a lot of Tuna dishes in Maldives.

15. USD is widely used in Maldives but they have their own currency call Rufiya as well. 15 Rufiya = 1 USD. Both currency can be used combinely

16. Beginning of September is their Eid ul Alhaa festival which last for 4 days. People around the island will throw you will red colour or green colour water bombs or use red ink to rub your face.

17. You can opt for staying at the public island Maafushi which is more cost saving or opt for private island which is more magnificent in view and more expensive,

18. If you opt for public island, it is advisable to take a half board service as you might go for excursion and lunch is normally provided. There is not much food choices in the island but you can always go adventurous.

19. If you opt for private island, please choose your private island carefully as it will affect you cost of transfer and everything. Private island is generally more beautiful but there is only one resort in ONE private island. So if you choose that particular private island, there is probably only one restaurant one excursion provider and you will be stuck with that. Full board or All-Inclusive packages is highly recommended. Full board means all 3 means included. All inclusive means all 3 meals plus transfer and so on. Please contact and check with the resort before you  purchase because some island is too far to go with speed boat and you only can reach there by sea plane which cost as much as USD 365 per person one way. Please take note. 

20. A short stay of 5D4N to Maldive is sufficient.

21. To save cost, you can also stay at public island Maafushi and go to private island as a day tour. Buy an excursion and they will bring you to a private island for a day. Price ranging from USD 130 to USD 200 depends on which private island you go. 

22. Activities such as dolphin cruise, snorkelling with dolphins or coral or sharks, picnic at sand bank, fishing or all water sports can be bought on the day itself. There is no need to pre book as you can buy when the weather is good.

ANYHOW, all the beaches and sea water is beautiful but I personally recommended the Private Island or at least one day to a private island because it is really different. Don’t come back with regrets! 

Airport Island : Hulhumale — Eastern Beach

Public Island : Maafushi


Private Island : Adaaran Club Rannalhi

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