Tokyo 4 : Tokyo Disneyland

[27.11.13] Day 4 is for Tokyo Disneyland!! *weeeeee* BUT…. we woke up late again. Initially wanted to wake up at 8am but… as usual… we sleep until 10am. *huhuhuhu* Quick bath and make up then grab our quick breakkie opposite our hotel.

20131127_094346Onigiri!! Gave onigiri for another chance after the first one.

20131127_094404I chose this mentaiko onigiri… Always saw people posting about mentaiko on rice and onigiri… Just cant wait to taste it…!! *note : Mentaiko (???) is the marinated roe of pollock, and cod including is a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine (from wikipedia)*

20131127_094701However, it turned out to be.. not my kind of food. Mentaiko taste a lil bit salty and fishy… first 2 mouth was ok… i think i just don used to this kind of food yet. hehehehehe! however, it was not awful at all. Just different 🙂

20131127_094358Bun grab a MCD japanese style. But too bad i forgot where i put the photo. Wuwuwuwuwu!


IMG_2977Oh.. how can we forgot our HOT coffee 🙂


How to go to Disneyland from my hotel. (E-Hotel Higashi Shinjuku) E02 or F12

1.) Use Oedo line (the pink line) from E02 (Higashi Shinjuku) to E16 (Tsukishima) then

2.) Change to Yurakucho line (mustard colour) from Y21 (Tsukishima) to Y24 (Shinkiba)

3.) Then use Keiyo line (thin grey colour line) to Maihama

4.) From Maihama station, you will be able to reach Tokyo Disney Resort 😀

IMG_2973Welcome to Tokyo Disney Resort!!


IMG_2980I think the mickey shape train only operate from DisneySea station to Disneyland station. *sad*

IMG_2986This time round, we only go to Disneyland.. not enough time to explore 🙁

IMG_2990Nevermind nevermind, it gives me another reason to come back to Tokyo 🙂

IMG_2994We purchased our ticket straight from the ticket counter. 6200 yen, which is equivalent to RM 190 per person

IMG_2995I saw my favourite chipmunks just after we enter the main gate… But too bad the photo taking time is over… 🙁 Lesson of the day : please go early. Because.. minnie and mickey photo taking time is over as well, donald duck as well 🙁

IMG_2998_editNevermind.. we still have lots more to catch up.. We were queuing for the photo taking with the main gate…

IMG_2997_edit*gahhhhh.. i know i know… the photo taking skills.. i just wanna sigh so badly* The worst has yet to come.. i thought i m clever enough to bring my Tripod around.. and guess what… MOST of the place in Tokyo DON ALLOW tripod. FML x100000

Helpless as i get frustrated if i cant get a nice photo.. especially… my experience in Tokyo. Duno if i m unlucky or what….. the victims i asked to help to take photos… make me sad terribly i just wanna bang my head on the wall.


IMG_3000_editLuckily i still have my bun to cheer me up. hehehe

IMG_3003Oh.. and my keren as well. *muahs muahs*

IMG_3001Keren u love sun tanning ma? hehehehe

IMG_3006We loitered quite sometime outside to sort out the map… but what can i say.. women really sucks in map. 🙂

IMG_3011So just leave your map to ur bun man. *weee* excited right! right right right??

IMG_3259First thing we did.. hunt for our costume hats.

20131127_group2_editWe spend like more than half hour doing the hat hunting because there are just too many to chose from…

20131127_140954_editBut at last.. i chose to be ms minnie and he will be mr stitch. Hehehehehehe!

Along the way to the theme park.. we tried out some hat as well..




IMG_3061and i love this ear cover… so cute!! regret i dint buy.. but oh well.. i regretted a lot of things i dint buy. kekekekeke…

IMG_3036We wanted to try out the boat and train thing.. because the queue was so long. Looking good..

IMG_3016and this was like Baby stroller parking. hahahahaa!!

IMG_3020Keren wan to take picture oh… that lucky stroller. lalala

It was just too many pictures. I think its better to let the pictures do the talking








It was not long later when we smelt some irresistible food scent. Search for almost the whole surroundings and the long queue caught our attention.


IMG_3077it is the terriyaki chicken leg!!

IMG_3080Oh oh.. i love this mickey and minnie couple hat. so cute!


IMG_3088We bought one and regretted. It was so yummy. Should have just buy 2. wuwuwuw!

IMG_3084or 3. One for keren. hehehehe!

IMG_3098We quickly gobbed down the teriyaki leg and continue hunting for more


20131127_150452Came across this beautiful parade.. i guess working in Disneyland is just happy. You see beautiful things and laughters everyday. Wonderful isnt it

and we stumble upon my childhood favourite.. BALU from Jungle Book.

IMG_3096Not much people actually wanted to take pic with balu because i think children nowadays doesnt watch jungle book anymore right. Generation gap. haha T.T

IMG_3097_editand this monkey as well.. cant rmb whats the name but i think he is one of the jungle book character?

We walked around exploring the place until bun saw someone munching turkey leg..

IMG_3100we went food hunting adventure again.. hehehehe

IMG_3108For now we have more experience liao so it took us very little time to hunt down the stall..

IMG_3103This time.. Kiasu.. we bought 2. AND regretted… i think terriyaki chicken leg is way better than roasted turkey leg. Wuwuwuwuwuwu. But it never stop us from taking picture with it. hehehehe..

IMG_3112Oh… Bun bought a slice of expensive pizza for me. It was SO SO SO SO good!

It was until 4.30pm when the sky started to turn dark.. Winter is like this.. 🙁 everyone is shivering.. We then saw a lot of people actually start camping around the area.. we were guessing it might be the grand firework around 8pm.

IMG_3123Bun go and grab a map and bought some popcorn and drinks.. initially planning to camp like everyone else… i was like so  happy we got this perfect spot for the parade and fireworks AND just then…. they announced that parade and fireworks to be cancelled due to the turnado-like strong wind we were having then. FML

Everyone started to packed up and proceed for indoor activities instead. Too cold to survive outside


I wanted to try the haunted mansion but Bun refused. But my pujuk pujuk skill, he finally agreed. Guess its because he knew its Disneyland and nothing will be scary to frighten the kids right…

IMG_3119The haunted mansion is HUGE… and the queue is bloody long as well… GGAAAAHHH!!

20131127_170403As expected, haunted mansion turned out to be quite cute as well. How scary can it be.. its Disneyland =___=

We then continue to explore the place…


IMG_3137_editForgive me if my victims couldnt take nice photo. This is the nicest i can find liao… sad sad

IMG_3213And the grand palace…. *grin* I gonna spam you with lotsa grand palace photos. MUAHAHAHAHA.



IMG_3189Hello again.. You know what.. the saddess thing.. no tripod.. but lucky enough for us.. this italian lady can take DSLR picture clearly during night time. I love her. OMG

IMG_3217Ok.. one merry-go-round. I kinda love merry-go-round. this is what we play when we were young.. not ipad. hahaha.

IMG_3226_editCinderella castle..

IMG_3231its mostly the story of cinderella.. and some castle thing..


IMG_3238oh.. and the magic shoes..

IMG_3234and the shoes is really damn small. Princess feet really like size 3 meh!

IMG_3271We took the final series of the grand castle before we proceed to some extreme games..

IMG_3285You are just so beautiful.. i mean me the castle….  😀

Next up.. we have this awesome game… The SPACE MOUNTAIN. Wooohooo!!

20131127_200652and some shoot-the monster-with-the-torch-light-game.. and we won. MUAHAHAHA

20131127_211545Zun zun we are done with the torch light game when Disneyland announced the end of the day.. *wuwuwuwuwu*



IMG_3344_editGrab some final photos and off we go..

For the final time we went into the souvenier shop and shocked because it was like mountain people mountain sea. Wooooowwww..

20131127_212258Squueze my way to take photo with my favourite plushie..


Not this one…

20131127_212035This one.. Hello fluffy pong pong white mickey.. you are compatibly cute like my keren

20131127_212038I will miss u. hehehehe

Oh.. more plushie..


20131127_212122_editand force bun to take one.

IMG_3256This kissing mickey minnie is so cute.

IMG_3255Kissing donald and daisy.. even cuter!

20131127_212343Talking business with Walt Disney huh!

Everyone went home with a happy face under the stunning beautiful Christmas tree..

20131127_211716i wonder when will be my next time in Disneyland Tokyo again.

20131127_213134Everyone kinda take off their fancy hat and costume after they pass the gate. The feeling is weird.. you can wear whatever you want.. how crazy and how fancy you want it to be.. But when they take off their costume.. its feels like.. oh.. you should get your ass back to the reality world.. Wuwuwuwuwu. Sad right.. especially when i saw a lot of adults or like elderly people they were like so happy in the happyland.. and its like end of Disneyland land.. the beginning of their working life.

20131127_173211Ohohoh.. anyhow.. mai emo liao.. show you my favourite fluffy snow mickey again. hehehehe! Tata! <3

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