Top 15 things to do in Osaka

Forget about Osaka Castle, forget about Universal Studio, forget about Umeda Sky Building. Yes, we skipped all the attractions. This time round, its Osaka food travel. The theme is Food. So, if your purpose to visit Osaka is for the food as well, this post is interesting for u. The top 15 things to do in Osaka for us!

1. Explore Dotonbori

DSC00036 DSC00037 DSC00038 DSC00040 DSC00135 DSC00148


2. Loiter around Dotonbori Canal

DSC00044 IMG-20160219-WA0021_p


3. Shop at Shinsaibashi

DSC00046 DSC00156


4. See the Glico Man



5. Try your luck with the fortune papers

DSC00042 DSC00043


6. UFO catcher in Osaka

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7. Visit Kuromon Market




8. Hunt for Gudetama stuff



9. Chill/Supper at the local Izakaya until morning time

20160220_020121 20160220_022442 20160220_023632_mr1456212250362


10. Hangout with Japanese friends



11. Try all kinds of Japanese beer



12. Eat at the combini (convenience stalls)



13. Try out their Pachinko (slot machine and pinball games)



14. Buy some Japanese t-shirt as souvenirs



15. Play with a full-size Katana

20160220_010622_pOk, that’s from Kyoto. Just wanna find some excuses to post this. HAHA!








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