Wet Boracay Day 2 : Diniwid Beach, D’Mall, Diniview Villa

As mentioned and promised in my previous post, I’ll show you the magnificent view from our villa.

DSC03450Good Morning Boracay! Beautiful sea, blue sky and picturesque scenery! It seems like a prefect day for some exploration and some rough activities!  We woke up at around 10am.. cooked breakfast and prepare ourselves for the day.. 

The fast one to get ready can have a lot of selfies while waiting for others. hehe. 

20150807_123010_mr1438922034282 20150807_124742Trying to do the wide angle selfie with the villa but.. half head gone. Tough one. hmpf.20150807_125003-vertAnyway.. it was like 12pm when everyone is ready. Nice hair.. nice outfit..

DSC03381_p DSC03382_p DSC03385_p DSC03391_pDo lotsa selfie at the villa to start the day! We thought we are just going to have a very fun and exciting day with lotsa pictures at the beach…

DSC03403And just 2 minutes later while we were walking towards the beach (Diniwid Beach is just below our villa)… suddenly.. it rained… It freaking rained.. not only that.. it was down pouring.. T.T ALL THE NICE HAIR IS GONE.

DSC03401_pOh.. luckily we still have the 2 minutes of happiness! 

It doesnt matter if you run or you walk.. you will literally get all wet. Hahahahaha! And somemore thats our first day to explore… we walked from Diniwid Beach to White Beach.. the tides were so strong that when it hit the rocks.. all of us get wet as well. Hahahaha! No joke. like.. seriously!

20150807_132937 20150807_133007 20150807_133022White Beach is just like maybe less than 5 minutes walk from Diniwid Beach… It rained so heavily until we cant really see the sky anymore.

DSC03409_pWe rest in a hut while trying to find a way to go down to D’Mall.. 

DSC03407And i spot this cute and chubby dog. Hello cutie! 

Long story cut short, we got lost and we were circling the area… in the rain.. asked for directions… and walked for another 1.5 hours before we saw tricycle! Yes… just like.. loitering under the down pouring rain… anyhow.. we were all drained already!

DSC03410_pHello tricycle! You saved us! 

We reached D’Mall (the famous street mall in Boracay at Station 2) and were shocked. Its flooded! hahahaha! So drama! But the good thing is.. the rain get better, its just drizzling.. And surprisingly to still see crowd at D’Mall. I guess Boracay is always full of tourists throughout the year huh! 

DSC03419 DSC03420 DSC03421 DSC03422 DSC03423So.. yes. Everyone is still doing the shopping at D’Mall walking through the flood. Its like.. you dont know what are you step on it. You cant see your feet as well. Oh well, just follow the crowd. 

DSC03418_pBecause of the rain, there’s not much photos taken as well. Azraai was craving for pizza so we just settled down with four cheese pizza and chill at the bistro for like 2 or 3 hours.. exhausted to the max.

20150807_151525_mr1438931790672Because of the rain, we were so tired and lazy as well. Oh.. spotted this cute sign! Anyone wanna left the husband here? hahahaha! 

Inititally plan : We shopped for some groceries and ingredients for tomorrow’s breakfast, go back villa wash up and change and come down again for dinner and some drinking session at night.

And that means, we went back to villa… Since we were already drained, we had a pool session at the villa. Good thing about the villa, the pool is also outside our villa. hahaha!

DSC03429 DSC03430 DSC03432_pWe were playing in the pool half way and the rain stopped. FML.

20150807_182959 DSC03442Well, at least we had fun.

So.. after everyone showered and rest… as predicted, everyone is tired already. I guess the age is catching up, or.. the villla is too comfortable already.

NEW PLAN : Just enjoy the villa. hahahahahahahahahahahahhaa!!  

And again, we spend our second night in the villa again.. cards games and alcohol! So my parents asked me what did we do in Boracay. “Drinking and playing cards game in the Villa”

20150808_000816Mark is so tired he fallen asleep after the first round of cards game. Hmmm.. and another two went to toilet half way and ended up sleeping in their bed at around 11pm. 

20150808_002610So… the last four standing! Thats our predictable and unpredictable day 2!

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