Wet Boracay Day 3 : ATV Ride, Mount Luho, D’Talipapa, Calamansi Muffin, White Beach

Good Morning Boracay!

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20150808_112518_pWe woke up with a lil bit of drizzling.. Guess it rained quite heavily the night before though.

20150808_112703_mr1439051695169 20150808_112821_pToday is the last full day in Boracay! Make full used of today! Ariel’s Point! ATV rides! Zorb! We wanted to do everything today…! Took a tricycle to the ticket counter for Ariel’s Point at Station 1 and was told the whole Ariel’s Point was closed due to the weather. EMO! Means no cliff jumping… feel so incomplete because that’s one of the must do in Boracay. Hmmm! And that’s not the worse, the tricycle man try to sabo us for some other activities with sky high price.. and… he said the ride from our villa to station 1 cost around 300 peso!! SO WTF. Because we always use tricycle from our villa to Station 2 (which is further than Station 1) and it only cost us 100 to 150 peso. RAGE! We demand to change tricycle but he kinda refuse.. still keep trying to sell us some expensive package. Dude! You are the only one that pissed us off in Boracay. So far everyone in Boracay is awesome! In short, we still manage to got down from his tricycle and look for a better deal. We met this guy whom we met the day before at the convenient stall selling us travel packages.. From ATV rides to Mount Luho, D Talipapa and return transportation with tickets only charged us 1000 peso per person! Nice! 

DSC03454 DSC03455Its a lovely journey with the locals mingling with us. We arrived at the ATV ride thing. Not too bad but some part of the route is closed… so our route is shorter.. HAIH! Just don come during monsoon season. 

DSC03457_p DSC03461_pAnyway! Here we are! ATV ride is fun! The only thing is… it will be better if we can race and speed. Hahahahahhaha! 

DSC03463Next stop is Mount Luho! Its like a viewpoint over the whole Boracay Island. Beautiful and Breathtaking! 

DSC03465 DSC03469 DSC03471

20150808_131455_p 20150808_132058We were taking picture half way and it suddenly rained.. so heavily.. So we can only hide under some hut and wait until the rain stop.. with our wet ATV. 

We wanted to try Zorb which is located at the same place but it was closed as well. Hmmmm!! Haih.. that’s it.. Just go to D’Talipapa for lunch I guess..

DSC03482 DSC03483 DSC03484Because of the rain.. the road is flooded still.. the driver will tease us like.. :” ONLY IN BORACAY”.. It feels like we were doing some water taxi in the safari. But the journey is a good one. The guide is friendly and helpful.

DSC03486We reached D’Talipapa and he recommended us to try the Seafood.. one of the thing tourist will do when they are here!

DSC03488 DSC03489So this is how it works.. This is a wet market in the middle of D’Talipapa. And around this wet market there is rows and rows of restaurants. HOWEVER, the restaurants do not have any seafood.. you have to buy from the wet market and bring them to the restaurant for them to cook. YES. ALL of the restaurants there operate like this…

AND the seafood is freaking expensive.. we tried to bargain but its still too expensive. End up we choose to abandon this place and go hunting for food else where. Sad to say most restaurants are just some cooking station so we have to walk further up to some lousy restaurant for lunch. 

DSC03491Not impressive at all. Just one picture to show you the Grilled chicken. That’s the most edible one. Others were like shit. Hahaha!

DSC03497Buko means coconut.. should be.

DSC03487So we continue to explore D’Talipapa for some souvenirs. Souvenirs are so much cheaper here as compared to D’Mall.

DSC03499Came across this very small convenient stall that sell a lot of local products.. we bought quite a lot of local products here to bring back home..

DSC03498And they sell cakes and bread too. 5 peso only! Its like less than RM 0.50 for a piece of cake. We had banana cake and pineapple cake..! Yums!!

DSC03502Liquor… less than RM 10. Hahaha!

DSC03506After souvenirs hunting, we went to white beach area and hunt for some cheap massage. They say massage is a must try.

DSC03509_pWe found a massage package.. full body  massage for RM30 only. Its quite a good deal.. not too impressive because I dont really fancy massage but I think its better than our local one. 

So Mandy, Azraai and I finished our massage first.. we went to explore the beach since it was just opposite it… 

DSC03512 DSC03513Hello White Beach! you are beautiful too at night!

20150808_183104_mr1439139266439 20150808_183355_pI think if i were to visit Boracay again, I will definately stay at Station 2 along the beach

Sky is turning dark so we went back to the street.. some random locals tell us we should try this famous cafe just beside the massage parlour.. They said its reviewed in the travel guide and a lot of celebrities came. So… here we were..

DSC03516Its called REAL coffee. Its located exactly beside the massage parlour of ours..

DSC03520 DSC03517 DSC03538 DSC03519Look at the interior, simple, classic, and with lots of autographs.

DSC03531_pWe had the signature real coffee and the best seller coffee..DSC03532Together with this — THE CALAMANSI MUFFIN

DSC03534_pSurprisingly, it taste really good. Not too calamansi like how you imagine. Instead, its buttery with a light aroma of the calamansi. Yums!

We were enjoying ourselves until we forgotten the others.. by the time we are done with our coffee and muffin, they left already.. So we walked along the street and out of sudden… someone running out from a bistro and tell us our friends were inside. Take a look properly its our tour guide for the ATV ride this morning! He saw our friends inside the bistro and he saw us passing by so he immediately ran out to inform us. SO sweet of him! 


20150808_201616 20150808_204555_mr1439038071087

unnamed (2)So we ended up chilling at this bistro, chit chat until late.. 

DSC03543 DSC03548Explore D’Mall for one final time before we call it the day. 

So the next morning… we gathered at 9am to do the 3 hours journey again to Kalibo airport.. Byebye Boracay! We should have come during the right time. You are just so beautiful!

20150809_100630_mh1439206123978 DSC03555

Tips to Kalibo Airport : Please go extra early.. the airport is so small and so crowded and they are kinda lack of system. Even during Monsoon Season where crowd is lesser.. we are really having a hard time squeezing through the crowd and queue for freaking damn long for everything. I thought cambodia airport is scary.. this one is like 10 times scarier. Hahaha!

DSC03562Anyway… dogs are really cute in Boracay!

20150809_214226_mr1439206074679We laughed throughout the whole 4 hours flight home! Time pass very fast when you laughed. Until jaws also painful d.20150809_145402-tileTil then Boracay!


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