What to eat in Central Hong Kong? 香港中环必吃 Food Map included!

The top 10 must eat food when you arrived in Central Hong Kong. It might not be the best but it’s definitely in every traveller’s pocket list. Be it too famous! 

The Central is the central business district of Hong Kong. Not only that, it is the home of some of the local Hong Kong delicacies. You can easily spend a day or two at this area for shopping, entertainment or just merely food tasting like me! So these are the Top 10 famous food in Central business. I mean, there’s more but at least you have to try these 10!

I’ve created this food map to share the must eat food in Central Hong Kong. Hope it helps!

1. Yung Kee Roasted Goose 镛记

DSC00128 yungkeeYung Kee said to have the world famous roasted goose. It is good but overrated. I don’t really have a very deep impression of how tasty it was because I found a better one. Just my own preference but you all should come and try this, it might be your best. However, I would give lotsa credit to their service and also the century egg. Its definitely a brilliant choice to serve the century egg with runny yolks. OMG so nice! Please read the full blogpost here. YungKee VS YatLok [Address: Hong Kong, Central, Wellington St, 32-40, Yung Kee Building, Hong Kong][Opening hours : 11.00AM to 11.30PM]

2. Yat Lok Roasted Goose 一乐烧鹅

DSC00356 yileHere comes my personal number 1 ranking for roasted goose. I’ve tried numerous roasted goose throughout Hong Kong and this definitely is the best for me. The skin is more towards the crispy type but the meat is still tender and juicy. Its like they sealed all the juice under the skin. Succulent! For me, it beats Yung Kee. Its not the best looking restaurant but its always full. Pricing wise? 1/3 of Yung Kee. Please read the full article here : Yungkee vs Yatlok [Address: G/F, Block A, Po Wah Building, 5 Tai Ming Lane,, Tai Po, Hong Kong][Opening hours : 10.00AM to 5.00PM]

3. Tsim Chai Kee Wonton Noodle house 沾仔记


DSC00140There’s three utmost popular wonton noodle house in Hong Kong. Ho Hung Kee, Tsim Chai Kee and Mak’s Noodles. I personal love the Tsim Chai Kee one. No matter is the clear wonton noodle soup, the two combination or the treasure noodle soup. It is just so addictive. I never thought wonton noodle can be so interesting until I met you. Broth wise, flavourful and complex. Its not your ordinary wonton noodles. Please read full article here. [Address: 98 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong][Opening hours : 9.00AM to 10.00PM]

4. Tim Ho Wan 添好运

DSC00063 timhouwanNo Hong Kong Trip is complete without Dim sum! There’s lots of very good dim sum in Hong Kong. Especially in the local coffee shop. However, tourist will certainly go to Tim Ho Wan for a try. Its the world cheapest Michelin star restaurant. Remember to order the signature baked roasted pork bun! Please read full article here [Address: Shop 12A, L1/F, Hong Kong MTR Station, Central][Opening hours : 9.00AM to 9.00PM]

5. Sing Heung Yuen Tomato Beef Noodles 胜香园

DSC01235 DSC01244 tomatoOne of the popular comfort food in Hong Kong. The tomato beef noodles which is canned tomatoes with slices beef served with nissin noodles in soup. Oh, you can opt for macaroni too. Sing Heung Yuen is the icon for tomato beef noodles. Just by looking at the queue.. You know you somehow have to try it. And what to go best with it? The salty lemon sprite! Yums! Please read full article here [Address: No.2 Mee Lun Street, Central, Hong Kong][Opening hours : 8.00AM to 5.00PM]

6. Lan Fong Yuen  兰芳圆

DSC00154Milk tea milk tea milk tea! Hong Kong is the best place to have milk tea. I lost my precious half an hour queue milk tea photos. But the silky and smooth milk tea whether its served hot or cold will definitely satisfied your tastebud. It is not as sweet and the aroma of the brewed tea is there! [Address: 2 Gage St, Central, Hong Kong][Opening hours : 7.00AM to 6.00PM]

7. Tai Cheong Bakery 泰昌饼家

DSC00158 taibakeryThis is the number 1 recommended bakery for egg tarts and all sort of pastries. I don’t fancy egg tart so I cant tell you the difference. All I know is.. its nice! However, one thing you have to try at least… the century egg puff. So good! Puff pastries is flaky and the filling is dense with a very light sweetness compliment with a unique texture of the century egg! Noms! [Address: 35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong][Opening hours : 7.30AM to 9.00PM]

8. Tsui Wah Restaurant 翠华餐厅

cuihuaTsui Wah restaurant has more than 50 chain restaurant throughout Hong Kong, basically every area you can see at least 2 or 3 Tsui Wah. They have the Char Chan Teng concept but the elevated ones and its open 24 hours! Its a so so for me but well, since they have so many chain restaurants, why not just try one! Please read full article here. [Address: 15 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong][Opening hours : 24 hours]

9. Kau Kee Beef Noodles 九记牛腩

DSC01238Sadness. This one is just opposite Sing Heung Yuen but I choose Sing Heung Yuen over this. Din’t get to try this because of time constraint and the long queue but I will definitely come back for this. Please put this as your must try because the rank in OpenriceHK is high. Well, why did i forgo this one and went for Sing Heung Yuen? Because I had too much beef that trip. hehe! [Address: 21 Gough St, Central Hong Kong][Opening hours : 12.30PM to 10.30PM]

10. Emack & Bolio’s


DSC00149A random dessert shop that we went in. Surprisingly the queue is very long. They have all kinds of fancy coated cons for ice cream. Yay! [Address: Central – Mid-Levels Escalator, Central, Hong Kong][Opening hours : 11.00AM to 11.00PM]

So these are my Top 10 must try food in Hong Kong. Try them! Hope you like it! XOXO