What to eat in Hualien? (2/2) 花莲美食

Continuation of What to eat in Hualien? (1/2) 续集花莲美食1篇

DSC07141Hualien is a very peaceful town with less population and a lot of greens. Its slower in pace if compared to the big city like Taipei and KaoShiung. If you are looking for a more relax place to visit, Hualien is what you are looking for. 相比之下,花莲是个比较安静的城市,没有很多华丽的大楼,繁忙的交通,拥挤的人潮,换来的是清晰的空气,干净的城市。

DSC07032So in previous post we mentioned 8 types of food in Hualien. In this post, i’ll be sharing another 6. 第1篇写了8种美食。。接下来的6个就快来了!

In my opinion, I rate my food as : 我把美食的点数分为如下:

Very Nice 好吃  √√√
Still ok 还可以 √√
So so only 很普通啦 √

9. 钢管红茶 Dancing Pole Red Tea √

DSC07167They got the name because they stick the menu on the dancing pole. Famous of their almond milk tea and red tea soya bean. Where to find? Just turn around when you are at Gong Zheng Steamed Bun and you can see it. 钢管红茶名副其实就是挂在钢管上!比较受欢迎的饮料就是他们家的红茶豆奶和杏仁茶。钢管红茶很容易找,就在公正包子的对面。留意一下吧!

10. 紫薯冰淇淋 Purple Potato Ice Cream √

DSC07042-horzNot my favourite ice cream. The flavour is very mild and texture wise is normal. 紫薯冰淇淋其实也没有太大的惊喜耶。就真的很普通

11.瑞穗牧场 RuiShui Dairy √√√

DSC07095Try their fresh milk, came all the way from the farm every morning. You cant possibility get any milk fresher than this in town. 瑞穗牧场卖的是鲜奶和乳酪。全城最新鲜的牛奶也非此莫属啦!他们家的牛奶可是当天直接从牧场运过来的哦。一定喝!

DSC07097Apart from their fresh milk, their panna cotta is a blast as well. All made from the daily delivered fresh milk straight from the farm. Yums! 除了牛奶之外,乳酪也是一绝。所有的奶制品都是当天的鲜奶,可以想象有多好吃了吧!

12. 海埔蚵仔煎 Hai Pu Oyster Omelette √√

DSC07117The famous hai pu oyster omelette. Operating hours from 5.30pm to 11.00pm and there is always a queue no matter what time you go. 无人不晓的海埔蚵仔煎。营业时间虽短,从傍晚5点半到晚上11点,可是排队的人潮是不曾减少的哦。

DSC07120Look at the generous amount of Oyster piling up there… the oyster lady never stop flipping the oyster omelette since the business started. 看着那满满的鲜蚵仔。。煎的人手脚也不曾停过呢。。从5点翻到11点。还真是辛苦他了

The outlet only sell Oyster Omelette and Clam Soup. Two and thats all and enough to keep the business busy all the time. 店里只有蚵仔煎和鲜蚵汤。。简单的两种选择已经是让他们忙的不可开交了!

DSC07136Taste Wise.. Maybe of the comments flying all over the place.. i set a very high expectation to it. and it obviously dint meet my expectation. Or maybe just not my kind of Oyster Omelette. It is the very gluey type.. like they added a lot of flour and other things rather than eggs. But oyster wise is very juicy and fresh. Good but not impressive. I like my oyster omelette to be more solid with eggs rather than gluey. 可能是它在网上真的很出名吧,我抱着满满的期望来品尝这道美食。。谁不知,它还没我想象的那么好吃耶。也或许只是口味不对吧。他们家的蚵仔煎是属于那种比较黏稠的而我比较喜欢浆糊不要那么多,最好是蛋和蚵仔多点的。呵呵呵

DSC07130A bowl of clear clam soup. Clear soup with mild sweetness. Not bad 鲜蚵汤也还不错。有点淡可是还算是清甜的

DSC07137Oyster Omelette, Clam Soup with a bowl of Peanut Tofu Pudding. Oh.. Tofu Pudding! The next stall! 完美的组合。。加上隔壁家的花生豆花!

13. 杨子萱冰品 Yang’s Beverages √

DSC07131This stall is located just right next to the Hai Pu Oyster Omelette. Order a glass of the famous AiYu Pudding while queuing up..  海埔蚵仔煎的隔壁就是杨子萱冰品点。他们家出名的是爱玉。。在排队蚵仔煎的当儿可以买一杯来尝尝看哦

DSC07133I am not a big fans of AiYu Pudding so I opt for Peanuts Tofu Pudding! Not Bad! 我不是爱玉冰的粉丝。。所以选择了花生豆花。。花生还蛮绵密的。。豆花也很细很嫩。

14. 台南虱目鱼 Tainan Milk Fish √√

DSC07093The stall opened from night time until early morning 10am. Another stall to put into consideration for Breakfast and Supper. Its an outlet selling common food like Oyster Porridge, Braised Pork rice and a lot of side dishes. I love!!! My comfort food I would say! Supper anyone? 台南虱目鱼这家店晚上才开始营业。。。一直开到早上10点。提供的是宵夜和早餐。卖的也是很亲民的食物。蚵仔粥和卤肉饭更是他们的招牌。不错吧。

Done with the small eateries in Hualien!! Time to show some pictures of the surroundings. Weeee* If you ask me how many days to stay in Hualien? I would say 2 to 3 nights is sufficient. 🙂 介绍完吃的了。。PO几张花莲的景色吧!花莲说大不大。说小也不小。。如果问我的话。。一般上两三个晚上应该够了哦

DSC07047 DSC07099 DSC07126 DSC07143 DSC07144

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