Wild Honey, Mandarin Gallery Singapore

Top of my to do list — Wild Honey for Brunch. I remembered few years back on one beautiful Sunday me and my bestie Debbie Ho intended to try out the famous Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery… Arrived there around 1pm and the queue was freaking long.. Plan to starve ourselves a while for the brunch but ended up to be said that we have to take numbers, and when its almost our turn… we can come back to queue. ETA we can eat our brunch around 5pm. *HORROR* seriously.. thats a very famous day for brunch i guess.. and especially its a school holiday…

DSC03930This time, learnt my lesson. Still wanted to go there. Woke up at 7.30am, get ourselves all clean up and hop in a taxi to Mandarin Gallery at Orchard Road… We arrived at 8.30am.. Happily thinking that we are clever because we came so early… at the same time thinking that we are kinda dumb because what if Wild Honey opens at 10am. 

DSC03937No worries.. it opens at 9am daily…. But still.. when we reached there at 8.30 am…

DSC03931DANG!!!! theres a queue!!!

DSC03934Nothing to do.. go walk around the building and find my comfortable place to sit while papa mama and bro queue at the bench. Hohohoho!

DSC03935_pHello Sunday Morning….! 

Its was easily 9am and Wild Honey finally open for business



DSC03985The seats were quite limited… but comfortable.. Choose and pay your preferred food at the counter. Oh.. btw.. Wild Honey serve brunch from all over the world.. so i guess thats their speciality.

DSC03939Feeling excited because… I’m finally here. 🙂

DSC03947Oh.. and with my baby girl as well.. Say hello to Keren <3

DSC03951Hot cappuccino for papa.. (SGD 6.00++, RM 15.60++)

DSC03953Expresso for lun (SGD 5.00++, RM 13++)

DSC03955Hot Chocolate for Mama (SGD 5.00++, RM 13++)

DSC03957And Queen Bee for myself. Yums. (SGD 9.00++, RM 23.40++) Queen Bee is a mixture of soda, grapefruit juice & Honey. I love it 🙂

And the brunch! Here we go.. 

DSC03975English Breakfast* One of the Wild Honey Signature. Consist of scrambled eggs, canadian back bacon, cumberland pork sausage, sauteed mushrooms, dad’s baked beans, breakfast potatoes, grilled vine ripened tomato & signature brioche. (SGD 24.00++, RM 62.40++) 

This english breakfast set is for my mummy’s. I think just happened to be like today’s egg chef is moody. All the eggs in our brunch set were not too impressive. I personally love the sauteed mushrooms. Yums!

DSC03958For me, I have the Tunisian Breakfast. Spicy shakshouka (tomato, onion, red pepper, chilli), studded with chorizo sausage, crowned with two fried eggs, signature brioche & Israeli Salad. (SGD 19++, RM 49.40++)

DSC03968Love the brioche that dipped into the sauce… just the egg.. oh well <3

DSC03961Lun had Spanish Hash. Diced Chorizo, house corned beef & potatoes, two perfectly poached eggs & Hollandaise sauce served with grilled ciabatta. (SGD 24++, RM 62.40++)

DSC03962This was everyone’s favourite of the day, the only thing.. like i said.. the egg chef is a lil bit moody today.. the poached eggs is not runny enough. 🙁

DSC03982Papa had the Norwegian breakfast. Avocado, grilled asparagus spears, two perfectly poached eggs wrapped with Norwegian soaked salmon, homemade Hollandaise sauce & salmon pearls on whole-wheat brioche. (SGD 26++, RM 67.60)

DSC03979The combination for all is quite perfect minus the egg. Its creamy with the crunch of the salmon pearls and as usual.. the brioche makes everything better in taste and texture

DSC03971Apart from that.. we ordered 2 sides for sharing. The breakfast potatoes with fresh thyme (SGD 3.50++, RM 9.10++) and Avocado (SGD 6.50++, RM 16.90++) Thumbs up for the potatoes!

DSC03977Time to dig in!! Colourful breakfast makes everyone happy!