Ximending Must Eat : Yang’s Pork Rib Noodles 西门町必吃:杨记排骨酥面

I discovered this outlet by accident few years back. Ever since then, I will keep going back whenever I’m in Taipei. As simple as a bowl of pork rib noodles, it is located at some alley beside Ximending. Map will be provided at the end of the post. 

So it became one of my must-eat list in Taipei.. the first thing we touched down in Taipei after settling our accommodation, we speed all the way to Yang’s Pork Rib Noodles. 

DSC00014For those who don’t read chinese character, its the blue sign board there. Yang’s Pork Rib noodles had been there for almost a decade already but the quality is still the same regardless how many times I’ve been there. It opens from 11am to 11pm.

DSC00005 DSC00013A simple outlet that sell mainly pork ribs. 

DSC00002They do not have a long list of items in their menu but the signature pork ribs is more than enough to hold the business for years. 

DSC00004Side dishes are self service. We had 3 side dishes to go along with our food. Marinated sea weed with some tofu alike thing, pig ears and boneless chicken feet. Yums! Even the side dish is very up to standard.

DSC00006Braised minced pork rice for mama. You can get it everywhere in Taiwan. Its nice!

DSC00007The signature pork rib noodle soup. 

DSC00009And we ordered another bowl of pork rib soup because one bowl is never enough.

DSC00012Whats so good about the pork rib? Marination is spot on, the coated batter is not soggy even though it went into the soup. And whats the main thing that you can guess? Even though the pork rib is pre-fried, its still very juicy and tender.. even the elderly can easily enjoy the dish, it will just melt off once you take a bite. No effort needed to chew the pork rib! So good! Not only that, the batter itself is very flavourful, so when you chew them together, the taste is very explosive! Noms! This is why they had been going strong for years!

20150903_154241_resized_1And what’s the better? I made my brother their fans as well! Hahahaha!

DSC00015So after a light meal in Yang’s pork rib noodle house, we loiter around Ximending.


DSC00017Just a simple day going relax. Another favourite snack of mine in Ximending.. The roasted mochi with toppings! 

unnamedWe had cheese toppings and condensed milk toppings. Still love the cheese one as always. 

20150903_171413_resized_1Mini sausage with Garlic.. I love meat + garlic!

20150903_213103_resized_1Onion pancake!

20150903_193238_resized_1Braised Duck Tongue..

20150903_163236_resized_1And my favourite milk after Meiji….! Make sure you try this. I never missed.

So here’s as promise the map of the pork rib noodle house! Hunt for it!