2010 is going to end soon. I’ll hope for a better 2011.

I have made like 10 resolutions at the beginning of the year but honestly to really counted as achieved. 5 maybe. I am going to be more aggressive on those next year 😀

1. I had a wonderful birthday this year 🙂

2. I had more than 10 getaways this year.

KL (16-19.03.2010)

Well Fed by Hikaru. Went to Sky Bar and Had my favourite Buffalo Wings at Chillis.

Sibu (17-18.4.2010)

Randomly book ticket to Sibu for one day! hahahaha!!

Serikin (1.5.2010)

Went hat hunting with the level up-lings 🙂

KL (14-16.5.2010)

Went to KL with RoseLing for the first time..

And we have 60 shots at zouk cafe

With these people 🙂

KK (30.5-3.6.2010)

Beautiful place with beautiful people

Have fun in our room at night XD

Labuan (31.5.2010)

Went to Labuan and got ourselves a Bacardi 151

KL (27.6.2010)

Went to KL for the Standard Chartered Marathon 🙂

Malacca (27.6.2010)

Went to Malacca after the Marathon and try their famous local delicacies 🙂

KL (11-24.8.2010)

Had the first ARGH dinner at KL after Naling when to KL

Taiwan (22-28.10.2010)

Enjoyed all the yummylicious food in Taiwan!

KK (30.10.2010)

KK for seafood and ka hiong beef noodle 😀

Bukit Tinggi (14.11.2010)

A weekend getaway

KL (16.11.2010)

Damai Puri (4.12.2010)

Buntal for yummy seafood 🙂

Miri & Brunei

Went to Escapade Sushi

3. I am 51kg up and down

4. I rearranged my hard disk 🙂

5. I did something adventurous this year? 😀

A 10km Marathon.. But ill think of something more adventurous next year! hoho!